Girls and young women in technical careers

Girls and technology: young women in technical careers

“Young women in technical careers” has always been a rather unusual combination, but the trend is now changing. And the chances are good that they will succeed, because the need for qualified, motivated young people in the technical fields is growing continuously. It is especially in this area that we would like to become active and pave the way for the transition from school to technical careers for girls and young women with information and projects.

Young women in technical careers: Julia Fischer

Julia Fischer is a trained electronics technician at Festo and is highly enthusiastic about technology. Contrary to all the clichés, she does not feel out of place as a woman in a male-dominated profession but is well able to assert herself against her male counterparts and enjoys the daily technical and human challenges of her work.


Not only for men

It is many years since technical professions were reserved purely for men. More and more women feel drawn to this work. Interest among women in the so-called MINT professions, in other words jobs associated with mathematics, information technology, the natural sciences and technology in general, is constantly growing. This is certainly the case with Julia Fischer. She is a trained electronics instrument technician. The installation and repair of industrial cameras is part of her day-to-day activities. This is her dream job, in a profession which involves many facets and is very versatile.


Julia Fischer felt even during her time at school that she would like to enter a technical profession. "I did three internships to find out what suits me." This is a good idea for young people trying to decide what they want to do - undertaking internships in order to gather some ideas.


In order to eliminate the risk of taking the wrong career decision, she completed a one-week internship in each of the social, commercial and technical fields. "It then quickly became clear that I should choose a technical profession." Her father helped her to find a suitable employer and the choice was Festo. Both father and daughter were impressed by Festo's sophisticated concept for basic and further training, and by the good prospects for permanent employment and promotion after training and the fact that Festo has its own training centre.


Large and small challenges

Despite the fact that she felt she had made the right choice of career, there were many large and small challenges awaiting Julia Fischer during her training. "First of all, I had to assert myself against my male colleagues, but I quickly had that under control," smiles Julia, who completed her training as an electronics technician in February 2012. She found that you do not need a thick skin to work in a technical profession - with the right enthusiasm, it is possible to quickly overcome old prejudices about women and technology.


For young people still trying to make their minds up about a choice of profession, Julia Fischer has a simple tip: "Behind every technical complexity is always an exciting challenge that creates a lot of fun and makes the profession so individual." At Festo, Julia Fischer can give full expression to her enthusiasm for technology. "When I notice how quickly I can now carry out troubleshooting and see the progress I have made in the subsequent camera repair work, I feel pretty happy."


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