Girls and young women in technical careers

Girls and technology: young women in technical careers

“Young women in technical careers” has always been a rather unusual combination, but the trend is now changing. And the chances are good that they will succeed, because the need for qualified, motivated young people in the technical fields is growing continuously. It is especially in this area that we would like to become active and pave the way for the transition from school to technical careers for girls and young women with information and projects.

Young women in technical careers: Ina Ecklreiter

Ina Ecklreiter, is still completing her training as a mechatronics technician. As a woman, she is learning a technical profession surrounded by mostly male colleagues. But she does not feel she is at a disadvantage but always goes to work full of enthusiasm.


This self-confident trainee is just 19 years young but has already gathered a great deal of experience. Even in secondary school, as the only girl in the technology class, she demonstrated to the boys how, for example, a rocker switch works. She always met with a positive response. "It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman. The only thing that counts is a shared enthusiasm for technology."


First impressions through a short-term internship

Ina Ecklreiter, a native of Waiblingen, close to Esslingen, learned from friends what Festo is and what it stands for. "I was so excited by the diversity of the company that I wanted at all costs to visit Festo and take a look around." She therefore decided to take advantage of an internship at the Swabian family business, headquartered in Esslingen.


"Technology, research and development fascinate me so much that it was clear to me - this is where I want to start my professional career. I was particularly attracted to pneumatics." No sooner said than done. Ina Ecklreiter is now nearing her final examination to become a mechatronics technician and has not lost any of her passion for this technical profession.


The word "mechatronics" reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the profession as a combination of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering/electronics, supplemented by control engineering and information technology.


Gaining experience abroad

One of Ina Ecklreiter's most treasured experiences to date is the month she spent in Budapest. "It was an unusual but at the same time exciting experience to become immersed in the working lives of people in another country and to learn from them," says Ina, still full of enthusiasm about this stay in Hungary. Technology connects. Here just as elsewhere.


"It is of course beneficial if you have an employer who encourages young people in their education and development. Festo offers great opportunities even during training. Here it is a matter of course to work in a series of many different departments and thus gain an insight into all technical areas," says Ina Ecklreiter. As a trainee mechatronics technician, Ina Ecklreiter worked her way through every department, from design with 3D drawings through to the assembly workshops and research department. But she was fascinated by the exhibition department, where she helped design cabinets which can control entire machines.


Careful choice of employer

When Ina Ecklreiter thinks of her early years as a trainee, she begins to smile: "Everything was new, I had come straight from school, still wet behind the ears, and had only the experience I had gained in my school technology class." What initially appeared to be her first challenge in life soon became a rewarding experience.


Ina Ecklreiter would therefore give this advice to any girl who is enthusiastic about technology: "If technology is your passion, then go for it and try to gain some early insights through an internship. You should also look for an employer who meets your needs exactly and offers opportunities for further development."


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