Stipend for studying for a master's degree
in mechatronics and electrical engineering

Stipend for studying for a master's degree in mechatronics and electrical engineering


Stipend for studying for a master's degree in mechatronics and electrical engineering

Your prospects as a female engineer

We would like to generate enthusiasm for technical professions among women and to help them gain practical experience, develop their talents and thus enjoy the best possible prospects as an engineer.


We are therefore looking for female students who are studying for a master's degree in mechatronics and electrical engineering and who are aware of social issues, appreciate equal opportunities and also have a very good academic track record.


We believe in a holistic approach for offering support – from financial assistance to numerous development programmes and employment with Festo.


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Dr. Axel-Andreas Gomeringer

Dr. Axel Andreas Gomeringer is Festo's Head of Innovation and Technology Management, which is concerned with, among other things, the topic of energy efficiency. Among the members of his eight-strong team are the two engineers 
Susanne Krichel and
Silvia Rummel.

Different ways of looking at problems aspects lead to an optimum result

There are still relatively few women in the engineering procession compared with men. If we want to see more women in the profession in the future, we must motivate these to study engineering sciences or similar occupations and apply for employment in our company after their studies. One way of doing this is certainly to offer stipends, which at least make studying easier from a financial point of view. At the same time, stipend holders unquestionably have a good opportunity of getting to know our company and making some initial contacts."


Dr. Gomeringer himself studied aviation and space technology conclusion at the University of Stuttgart and also gained a diploma in commercial purchasing. He made his first contacts with Festo while still working as a scientist.


"I have seen again and again how important it is to have contact with a company before starting employment with this. During my time as a researcher and consultant at the Fraunhofer Institute, I was able to get to know numerous companies. I chose Festo as an employer because the company offered long-term prospects, not only for individuals but for the company as a whole. What is more, you can clearly feel when dealing with colleagues that you are working in a family-owned company. Relations between colleagues are personal and open.


Moreover, my job as Head of Innovation and Technology Management offers many degrees of freedom, which I greatly appreciate. Commitment and initiative are required, but teamwork also plays a major role. Particularly in my everyday work, in which I co-operate a great deal with colleagues from other departments."


Strong emphasis on teamwork

"In my department we are concerned with the early phases of product development and work with the relevant company departments to devise processes and methods which will allow us to develop and implement innovations. We are also closely involved with the topic of energy efficiency and prepare recommendations for action by the company so that it can work still more efficiently. These processes may involve all kinds of different departments up to and including strategy for the entire company. We also help customers to solve their problems: energy-efficient plants increase productivity, lower costs and preserve resources - and are thus becoming ever more important for plant operators. Many customers need systematic support in this area, which is an important business field for Festo.


It is precisely this variety of working with colleagues, customers and technical challenges that makes my job so exciting and characterizes our role as an interface function. We must bring together and coordinate all the people involved in order to ensure that in the end we arrive at a good result."

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