motifs – our values and guidelines
as a family-owned company

motifs – our values and guiding principles as a family company


Aim: our objective


Vision: our vision of a desirable future


Values: our values


Identity: our self-concept


People: our cooperation

Our values

A defined set of values determines our daily actions and influences our behaviour. Therefore, our set of values must be permanent in order to serve as our guide.


The entrepreneurship obligation

We regard ourselves as a dynamic, flexible and innovative company.


Overall view

We think and act taking the whole picture into account. Overall usage takes priority over individual functions.


Global anchor

We are receptive to and respect different cultures, and in those countries in which we are active form part of the economy and society


Respect for individuals

We respect people and their individual personalities.



We strive to achieve partner-like relationships within and outside the company.


Business principles

We create values for the company, our employees, our customers and our investors.