Engineering tools for sizing Festo products

The Festo Product Finder and the Festo Engineering Tools help you find the right products for your application - simply, quickly and reliably.

  • Without complex calculations, reality tests or rough estimates
  • With simple and easy to use software
  • For quick and reliable results


Use our engineering software to simulate your application.

The engineering tools can be found directly with the product in the Festo product catalogue.
See the Support Portal for an overview of all engineering tools.

Product finder:

  • For a specific search for the right product
  • For a simple and rapid product overview and product configuration

The Product Finder can also be found directly with the product in the Festo product catalogue.



Software for engineering and selecting electric drives

PositioningDrives in detail


Quick Search tool

Quick Search Plus

Find products quickly in the product catalogue on the Internet and the Online Shop

Quick Search Plus


Conversion tool

  • Convert physical units
  • Calculate flow
  • Calculate force via pressure and surface

Conversion tool for physical units


Software for handling systems

Handling Guide Online


Further online engineering software

can be found in the catalogue for the corresponding pneumatic drives.

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