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    Stefan Saller

Stefan Saller studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and encountered the subject of bionics for the first time during a placement with Festo. After completing his studies, he joined Festo in the area of Future Technology, where he has since been able to demonstrate his creativity.


“Technology has always been very important to me. But it was only during my period of civilian service that I made the decision to study mechanical engineering and become an engineer. My course of study wasn’t easy, but it’s really been worthwhile in every respect and I benefit from it in my day-to-day activities at Festo. I knew very early on where I wanted my career to be heading. Thanks to my placement and my subsequent thesis at Festo, I became familiar with the subject of bionics and its technical implementation and could gain some initial insights into the company. Since I completed my thesis, I’ve been working for Festo – with great enthusiasm and conviction.”


Teamwork leads to success
“It took me some time to familiarise myself with my work at first, but the good cooperation in the team quickly helped me to find my feet in the development processes. You draw on the experience of others, and you can then gradually contribute your own creativity. The Bionic Handling Assistant project is the best example of this kind of cooperation: the interdisciplinary teamwork was excellent. The outcome speaks for itself, and it’s been my high point so far at Festo. I’m proud to have played a small part in this success.


“The approach to a project like this is always the same: you start with a somewhat more broadly defined problem and then gradually get down to the finer details. In developing new technologies, you need a brilliant idea that serves as the basis for the further procedure. One person couldn’t do this alone, but teamwork helps you achieve what’s possible – and sometimes even what’s impossible. I also find it great that besides working in a team and across departments, there’s still room for one’s own ideas and interests.”


Commitment and flexibility are called for
“It often takes three or four years for a product to technically mature. This is a real test of patience, but it definitely pays off in the end. Commitment, teamwork and flexibility, along with endurance and stamina are the key to success here. These are qualities that I can learn at Festo every day.“

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