Software developer progress reports

Eileen Bunke

Eileen Bunke has been at Festo since 2011. She began by completing a cooperative degree (duales Studium) in information technology at DHBW, graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering. During her studies she already got to know several departments at Festo. She wrote her bachelor’s thesis on the field of electric drives. Since 2014 she has been working as a software developer in process automation in Denkendorf.

 As I come from Berkheim, Festo was the first place I approached to do a cooperative degree and I was immediately accepted. Even during my studies, I was able to see for myself just how seriously Festo takes the training of its employees. We were prepared very well for our working life. Even now, as a software developer in process automation, I can use the Festo Didactic training catalogue for my professional development. You are supported by your manager in this respect.


Control system development and fieldbus technology

Information technology studies are made up of computer science and electrical engineering. After I had gone through a few departments at Festo, therefore, it was clear to me that I would like to work in product development. I enjoy working directly with a product and having something tangible in my hand at the end. Programming also falls under my remit, of course, but even here the focus is always on the product. As a software developer in process automation, I mainly work on the interaction between humans and machines, and between multiple machines. We develop our own control systems and remote I/Os. These have to be subsequently compatible with external products, such as Siemens control systems.


In terms of our area of responsibility, this means that we carry out competitive analyses and have to regularly test our products. I also have contact with other companies due to this. In addition to this, the analyses and tests allow me to see what makes our products at Festo so special and what improvements we still need to make. That is why I not only work with a PC, but am also in the laboratory setting up and conducting trials. This makes my work very varied. In future, for me it will also be about defining interfaces for fieldbus technology so that our products feature different bus connections. The focus is always on user-friendliness for the customer. For this reason, the customer is also supplied with software modules and tools for simple configuration. Parts of this also fall within my area of responsibility.


Creativity and teamwork

I find it exciting at Festo that software development is still at the development stage, which means that I can introduce my own ideas to the work. I am working with other people on various projects; each one is a challenge in itself. My work gives me the opportunity to really come into my own and develop further – not only in my team but also due to the wider cooperation within our department. And it is especially the cooperation we have that plays an important role at Festo, which is why team-building events are offered all the time.