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Compressed air and cooling water supply for welding guns

Your goal: efficient, process-reliable supply of entire welding lines or individual welding robots with compressed air and cooling water

Our solution:

application-specific complete solutions: pretested and with a structured, bundled media supply

Hall installation plateRobot installation plate


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Hall installation plateRobot installation plate

Installation plates made to measure

  • Comply with the standards and directives, product releases and the specific requirements in body welding
  • Technical equipment depending on the application: from basic functions to function integration with process monitoring and diagnostic management
  • Precisely adapted design
  • Defined mechanical, pneumatic and electrical interfaces
  • No water leakage when replacing the electrode caps

Hall installation plate (HIP)
Robot installation plate (RIP)

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New products for the compressed air and cooling water supply for welding guns

Flow sensor SFAW

Flow sensor SFAW

Monitor the flow, consumption and temperature of liquid media in a safe and controlled way


Flow sensor SFAW in the catalogue

Energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

Energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

This world first enables you to save compressed air and energy in your system


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Standard valve terminal VTSA

Standard valve terminal VTSA / VTSA-F

The proven valve terminal VTSA(-F) – now even more compact and safer


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Angle seat valve VZXF

Angle seat valve VZXF

Extremely robust and sturdy


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