New electric drives and handling systems

Servo press kit YJKP

Servo press kit YJKP

The pre-assembled system kit comprising software, controller and hardware.

YJKP gives you just the software functions you need for your press application.


Servo press Kit YJKP in the catalogue

Planar surface gantry EXCM

Compact planar surface gantry EXCM-40

Wherever every millimetre counts

High functionality combined with an extremely compact design for maximised work space coverage


Planar surface gantry EXCM-40 in the catalogue

Linear gantry EXCT

Linear gantry EXCT

Dynamic and flexible: the Cartesian high-speed pick & place system

The parallel kinematic drive concept used in the linear gantry EXCT has two fixed motors and a recirculating belt.


Linear gantry EXCT in the catalogue

Toothed belt and spindle axes ELGA-TB/BS-KF

Toothed belt axis and spindle axis ELGA-TB/BS-KF

Powerful, dynamic – and protected

The ELGA effortlessly masters your tasks.


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Festo IoT gateway CPX-IOT

Festo IoT gateway CPX-IOT

Fully effective from the mechanical system through to the cloud: automation solutions from Festo.


More information on the Festo IoT gateway CPX-IOT 

Schematic Solution for EPLAN projects

Schematic Solution for EPLAN projects

A real time saver

The circuit diagram service for complete EPLAN projects


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OPC-UA on the control block CPX-CEC V3

Decentralised control and intelligent preprocessing

The OPC-UA option is taking a giant step towards Industry 4.0. This enables you to connect to all established clouds.


Control block CPX-CEC V3 in the catalogue

Spindle axis and toothed belt axis ELGC

Spindle axis ELGC-BS and toothed belt axis ELGC-TB

When compact dimensions and optimised installation space are of the essence


Spindle axis and toothed belt axis ELGC in the catalogue

Mini slide EGSC-BS

Mini slide EGSC-BS

The strong and silent type

Ideal for very tight installation spaces – directly in the system


Mini slide EGSC-BS in the catalogue

Integrated drive EMCA

Integrated drive EMCA

The perfect solution for positioning drives

The complete solution EMCA consists of a maintenance-free and wear-resistant EC motor and drive system.


Integrated drive EMCA in the catalogue

Handling system YXMx

Compact handling system YXMx

The flexible basic platform for a wide variety of desktop applications

The matching, ready-to-use YXMx system is made for tasks such as screwdriving, dispensing, testing, soldering, gripping, opening and closing containers, and much more besides.


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Festo Condition Monitoring Library for YXMx

Festo Condition Monitoring Library for YXMx

One piece of software for transparency in maintenance, energy consumption and production


More information on the Festo Condition Monitoring Library