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Electronic catalogue

Where can I find spare parts in the catalogue?

Spare parts are listed in a separate catalogue, the Spare parts catalogue This catalogue is only available online.


Hints and tips for the electronic catalogue


Hints and tips for the electronic catalogue


How do I find products quickly and easily?

There are several different search methods:

  • Product overview for searching by product types using the product tree or image selection. More details in the brochure "Hints and tips for the electronic catalogue", Section 1 "Getting started - Product overview: from product family to individual product".
  •  Full text search for searching as in an Internet search engine. Simply enter a search term, type code, part number or parts of these and find the results. More details in the brochure "Hints and tips for the electronic catalogue", Section 2 "Full text search"
  •  Traditional search in the catalogue on DVD. Do you know the part number or type designation? If so, you can use the "Direct search" option on the start page to view the entire product list.
    Simply select the column in which you want to search and then enter the corresponding search term and the part number. 
  •  Within the product tree and image selection, you also have the option of selecting properties. The search results can be restricted by data sheet properties.


What should I do if a different browser is preferred?

The Festo product catalogue is a client-server application which normally runs within the browser supplied on the server which is provided. If preferred, it is possible to use a different browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape.

In order to ensure that the catalogue runs smoothly with the Opera internet browser, a few alterations need to be made in the browser. For instructions on this, see

Opera browser settings.


Where can I find 2D scale drawings in the electronic catalogue?
The 2D drawings are derived from the 3D volume models. That means that you first need to generate the 3D model of the desired product using the compasses button or the “2D/3D-CAD” button, and then use the “2D derivation” function to create a scale drawing in six views and export it.


Where can I obtain CAD data for Festo products?

The Festo product catalogue on DVD-ROM contains CAD models for products in all common neutral formats.
Our online catalogue provides you with CAD data for almost all products, always up to date and in more than 45 formats. 


How to position the piston rod or movable parts in the 3D CAD model?
To position the piston rod or other movable parts, you need to change the range of values. Go to menu item Extras\Set value range; double-click the component in the window which appears; enter new position within the given range of values


Can I integrate my material number into the catalogue?
Yes. You can enter your own part numbers in the “Your part number” column in the shopping basket.


Where can I download updates for the Festo product catalogue on DVD?

Current updates for the product catalogue on DVD can be found using the "Updates and tools for this catalogue" option on the start page.


Can the shopping basket and direct search be called up directly at the program start?

Yes, that is possible. The following commands can be used to open the direct search and shopping basket as soon as the product catalogue is launched.
/QD Start page, Direct search
/QS Start page, Shopping basket
/QDS Start page, Direct search, Shopping basket
/QSD Start page, Shopping basket, Direct search


Recommended computer configuration
  • PC, no more than 4 years old
  • Laptop, no more than 2 years old
  • Pentium IV, 2.4 GHz+ or AMD 2400 xp+
  • 1 GB RAM
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Screen resolution set to 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Windows XP SP2 or Vista
  • 2.5 GB free memory for full installation on hard drive
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0


Will my installed version of FluidDRAW® run with the new catalogue?

When installing the catalogue you are offered the option of updating FluidDRAW® to version 4. This update will also update the connection between the catalogue and FluidDRAW® and will add new functions in FluidDRAW®. See also www.fluiddraw.de



Do updates exist for FluidDraw®?

FluidDraw® is being continually expanded. You can obtain updates for FluidDraw® from www.fluiddraw.de


Will my installed FluidDraw® version work with the new catalogue?

FluidDRAW works seamlessly in conjunction with the electronic catalogue but can also be used without it.


How do I incorporate FluidDraw® into the electronic catalogue (xDKI)?

The interface from the electronic catalogue to FluidDraw® is detected automatically. The user does not need to follow any additional instructions.


Can custom frames be used in FluidDraw®?

Custom frames can be imported into FluidDraw® in DXF format.


Is FluidDraw® also available in other languages?

The FluidDraw® menu can handle up to 7 different languages, which can be set by simply selecting them.


Where do I obtain operating instructions for FluidDraw®?

Like the software itself, the operating instructions are constantly updated.

More information and latest download


Will my installed FluidDraw® version work in conjunction with the digital catalogue?

When installing the catalogue you are offered the option of updating FluidDRAW® to version 5. This update will also update the connection between the catalogue and FluidDRAW® and will provide new functions in FluidDRAW®.
See also www.fluiddraw.de


Is FluidDraw® network-compatible?

FluidDraw® is network compatible.
When installing version 5.0 or above, you will be asked if you wish to install the program on an individual computer or a server.

Due to the additional security measures for current Windows applications, it is not possible to execute programs directly from a network share or on network storage space. In order to prevent harmful programs from spreading across the network, further security settings are required for trustworthy programs.

If required, FluidDraw setup can create these settings automatically. In order to do this, "client installation" must be carried out on every PC from which FluidDraw is to be started via a non-local installation.


To do this, proceed as follows:

Carry out the server installation and install FluidDraw in a folder for which the client PCs have read access.

Execute the client installation on each workstation and leave the option of setting the required execution privileges.

Note: Executing client installation does not save any files on the local hard disk. Instead, a link is created to the network drive and the files can be accessed from here. This means that only the server installation needs to be updated if there are program updates at a later point; it is not necessary to access the individual PCs again.



Automatically setting execution rights on client PCs:

The execution rights must be set on each client PC. If the .NET framework is installed, the following file must be on the PC:



You can call this up using the following parameters:


-q -m -ag 1 -url file:"%DIR%\bin\*" FullTrust -name FluidDraw_Path


(where %DIR% is the main FluidDraw directory). For example:

"X:\Programme\Festo\FluidDraw5", where X: is the network drive.


Important: Windows does not recognise different ways of writing the same path (UNC or DOS). Instead, it simply compares the strings. The path must therefore be entered exactly as it is in the link.