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Dosing: precise and fast

Optimal angepasste Handlinglösung von Festo zum schnellen und genauen Dispensing


Precision is required for the adhesive bead as there may not be sufficient contact if the conductive adhesive is applied too sparingly, while too much adhesive can result in short circuits. Speed is also an important issue for competitive production. Since the formats of the glass change, the application needs to be able to handle them flexibly.

Flexible, fast and precise dispensing of conductive adhesive with solutions from Festo

Completely adapted handling solution for rapid and precise dispensing

Two parallel operating dispensing heads that can be positioned independently apply the adhesive beads to the thin film cell. Thanks to the precision of the axes, the adhesive beads are accurate to within 0.2 millimetres. Bead length, bead spacing and formulas etc. can be programmed as necessary.

Exact and precise: the two parallel operating dispenser heads can be positioned independently via X-axes that operate independently.