Electric tripod EXPT

Festo Tripod EXPT – the parallel kinematic robots

The high-speed handling system with robotic functionality for free movement in 3D space provides precision in movement and positioning, combined with high dynamic response up to 150 picks/min.
The control package with robotic control, together with the extremely rigid pyramid structure, ensures high path accuracy and positioning accuracy.
It is perfect for pick and place applications, sorting and palletising tasks, as well as bonding applications.

High-speed handling of small loads in a 3D space

System with standard components from our modular handling system

The benefits to you:

  • Up to three times quicker than Cartesian systems and requiring less space
  • Max. acceleration of 50 m/s² and speed of 3 m/s with 1 kg load
  • High rigidity and stability and low moving masses for high dynamic response with large effective loads
  • Optimally adapted motor-controller combinations and contour control
  • Easy programming and commissioning via the handheld CDSA terminal, with plain-language interface and teach-in function
  • Complete system product from Festo plug and work®: from engineering through to commissioning

Technical data
Size 360, 500, 600
Working space [mm] Max. 700 diameter
Max. 250 working height
Effective load [kg] Max. 5
Intermediate position Any
Repetition accuracy [mm] ±0,1
Contour accuracy at 300 mm/s [mm] ±0,3
Speed [m/s] with 1 kg load 3
Acceleration [m/s²] 50
Servo motor EMMS-AS and controller CMMP-AS
Contour control CMXR