Highly modular valve terminal MPA-L

Cost-effective and universal in its use
Individual sub-bases for single-step modularity

High pneumatic performance:

  • High flow rates
  • Integrated, manual pressure regulator
  • Flexible pressure supply and creation of different pressure zones
  • Generously sized supply ducts for simultaneous and reliable switching of multiple valves
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant sub-bases made from plastic


MPA-L fieldbus
Good Design Award

Modularity in single steps

  • Stable and modular tie rods that can be equipped with up to 32 valves
  • Sub-bases and pressure supplies can be flexibly combined
  • The 4-valve sub-bases help to save additional costs


Fast and flexible assembly of the desired combination of components: particularly suited to the changing requirements of special machine building


MPA-L Modular

The MPA-L can be extended or shortened in minutes.

Electrical modularity

Expandability of the valve terminal MPA-L

  • Multi-pin plug connection: Sub-D, flat cable, cable terminal
  • Bus node CTEU: simple and low-cost fieldbus connection
  • Adapter CAPC: expansion to include digital inputs and additional valve terminals
  • Interface to the CPX terminal: maximum function integration and a comprehensive diagnostics concept