Ready-to-install ソリューション


Control cabinets

Individually configured:

  • Factory automation
  • Process automation
  • Control system cabinets for handling systems 

Catalogue information on control cabinets


Integrated solutions

Compact for narrow installation space - no tubing connection:

  • Manifold duct plates
  • Cartridge solutions
  • Function blocks
  • Profile solutions

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Handling systems

For simple to complex handling tasks: from Pick & Place to customised 3D handling or tripod

System solutions



Pre-assembled function units consisting of pneumatic and electrical components

Ready for installation and for integration in machines

Combinable from about 30,000 catalogue components

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Mounting plates

Support plates with pre-assembled pneumatic and electrical components

Ready-to-install including tubing connection and wiring

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HIP and RIP installation plates

Hall and robot installation plates control and monitor the compressed air and coolant supplies of welding cells and welding robots

Hall installation plate (HIP) animation

Robot installation plate (RIP) animation

Automotive and supplier industry