Besides the complete product programme and an Online CAD linkage the new catalogue on DVD-ROM contains several new CAD features:


  • New  user interface for the CAD tool on DVD called Festo PARTdataManager
  • Can be installed and used without DVD catalogue
  • High performance CAD interfaces for Inventor, CATIA V5, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, etc.
  • Online CAD data update functionality Improved 2D CAD export function
  • 3D PDF export


Please check out our video tutorials to get a fast overview of the new functions

Festo PARTdataManager(1.7GB)

Solid/Works Power User Version

SolidWorks Support


CAD data in the Festo PARTdataManager

Our video tutorials give you a quick insight


PARTdataManager online update

Solid/Works power user version

SolidWorks support

Festo CAD plug-in

Festo CAD plug-in

Select Festo products directly in your CAD system


  • Model components quickly
  • Use your own system templates
  • Configure individual interfaces


More about the Festo CAD plug-in

2D/ 3D CAD interfaces for:

  • AutoCAD®
  • Autodesk® Inventor®
  • CATIA® V5
  • NX™
  • SolidWorks®


  • プレビュー用PDF形式
  • CADソフトのインストールなしで閲覧可能
  • 形式によらずデータ送受信可能
  • ログインせずデータ取得可能(メールのみ)