Final assembly

Windscreen installation

The application: reliable transport of sensitive components

Your objective: precise installation of windscreens without breakage

Our solution: product portfolio for optimum handling and installation

    Toothed belt and spindle axes EGC/EGC-HD

Toothed belt and spindle axes EGC/EGC-HD

  • High load capacity
  • Load closer to the double guide: smaller lever arms for very high torques and large maximum load
  • Optimised aluminium profile


High load capacity makes them ideal for use in the body shop, final assembly and tyre production


Toothed belt and spindle axes EGC/EGC-HD in the catalogue

    Parallel gripper DHPS

Parallel gripper DHPS / 3-point gripper DHDS / Radial gripper DHRS / Angle gripper DHWS

  • Double-acting piston drive
  • Maximum repetition accuracy
  • Can be used as a double-acting or single-acting gripper
  • Suitable for external and internal gripping
  • Gripping force backup
  • End-position sensing via sensors SMx..08


Parallel gripper DHPS in the catalogue

Three-point gripper DHDS in the catalogue

Radial gripper DHRS in the catalogue

Angle gripper DHWS in the catalogue




  • セットの排出と排出サイクルタイムのモニタリング
  • 吸着グリッパESGとの組み合わせに最適




    Vacuum suction cup ESS from Festo: various versions in terms of material, diameter and suction cup shape

Vacuum suction cup ESS in various versions, including media resistance

  • Selection: material, diameter and suction cup shape for combination with our comprehensive range of suction cup accessories or for installation in existing systems
  • Ideally suited for tough operating conditions and for fast cycle times thanks to Vulkollan®


Product overview of vacuum suction cups

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