Advanced handling systems

Tripod EXPT

Tripod EXPT

High-speed handling system with robotic functionality for free movement in space

Precision and optimal dynamic response up to 150 picks/min

  • Configurable system solution with CMCA control package with Festo plug and work
  • Minimum moving mass due to CF-reinforced rods, including rod loss detection
  • Closed mechanical system with high rigidity thanks to the pyramid shape


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H-gantry EXCH-40/-60

H-gantry EXCH

High dynamic response to 70 picks/min

XY planar surface gantry with rectangular working space

  • Optimal use of space: compact and flat
  • Can be expanded with a Z-axis or rotary/lifting module for 3D applications
  • Low moving mass via stationary motors and recirculating toothed belts


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T-gantry EXCT

T-gantry EXCT

Optimal dynamic response up to 90 picks/min

YZ linear gantry with rectangular working space

  • Large vertical working space coverage
  • Slim design with compact Z-axis
  • Low moving mass due to two stationary motors and rotating toothed belt
  • Reduced vibrations for a long service life


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