Importing/exporting parts lists

Importing parts lists

Importing .csv files

You can upload any order list in CSV format directly to the Online Shop.
From the drop-down list, select the columns for the part number and quantity.
The application automatically recognises Festo part numbers and puts them into the shopping basket. Once the products are in the basket, the corresponding prices and delivery times are checked; the processed shopping basket can then be ordered or saved.


Importing part numbers from catalogue on DVD

To import a shopping basket exported from the electronic catalogue on CD-ROM into the Online Shop, follow these steps:


1. Click on “Import basket”.
2. In the top section select “CSV file in Festo format”.
3. Click on “Browse” and select the file you want to import.
4. Click on “Start”.
5. Products from the file are imported into the Online Shop, and their prices and delivery times are checked.


Copy & Paste

To import using copy and paste, click “Import parts list”. Here you can quickly copy Festo part numbers and the quantities from e.g. an Excel table and paste them into the box shown.

Please note that this function is limited to 100 part numbers.


csv. file

The file extension “.csv” stands for "comma separated values", and is a text file format used for storing simple data. Product lists in this format can be created by any application that can save files in CSV format.


Exporting baskets

Exporting a shopping basket to a file

You can save an existing shopping basket to a file by clicking on “Export basket”. This file can then be opened either in Excel or a text editor and imported into any required application.
Click on “Settings” to define which fields you want to export and in which column the information should appear.


Browsersettings for export

To ensure that you are able to export shopping baskets, check that automatic prompting for file downloading is activated in your security settings.
If it is not, activate it as shown below.