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Modular automation

Modular automation – systems based on the "Lego" principle

Plants based on the Lego principle

Smaller batches and different products in one system the answer is plants based on the "Lego" principle.

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Configurator for process valve units

Configurator for process valves

Quick and easy

The way to efficient and reliable engineering: the configurator for process valve units.

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Product and service offerings for engineering companies and plant builders


Implement your projects on schedule and within budget with Festo automation solutions.


Product and service offerings

Bursa 시민에게 깨끗한 물을 제공

Drinking water treatment in Bursa

 Festo와 함께 수처리 공정을 성공적으로 현대화 시킨 Bursa시의 사례가 궁금하시다면 아래 기사를 확인해보세요

터키 Bursa 시 성공 사례

Energy-autonomous automation

Energy-autonomous automation

Reducing costs

Energy-autonomous solutions for manually operated, remote, decentralised installations save you time and money.

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Energy-autonomous automation

수처리 산업의 솔루션

Solutions and project examples from Festo as a partner to the water industry