Milk processing

Hygienically safe and efficient automation solutions for cheese production in the dairy

Festo supports you in the complete production process with products, systems and services for automated milk processing

Detaching hardened cheese from the mould

Reliable demoulding without damage to the cheese

Vacuum technology for gentle demoulding and handling systems for a smooth transition to the next process step

    Clean design valve terminal MPA-C

Clean design valve terminal MPA-C

  • Easy to clean and corrosion resistant
  • Degree of protection IP69K with redundant sealing system
  • FDA-certified materials
  • NSF-H1 grease

More product information on the MPA-C

    Electric linear axis EGC

Electric linear axis EGC

Dynamic and fast with improved rigidity

  • Available as a toothed belt or spindle drive
  • Large profile with optimised cross section

More about the electric linear axis EGC

    Perfect for applications in the food and beverage industry: stainless steel round cylinder CRDSNU from Festo

식품 및 음료 산업에 완벽한 솔루션: 스테인리스 스틸 원형 실린더 CRDSNU

ISO 6432 표준 실린더 시리즈인 CRDSNU는 스테인리스 스틸 재질로 만들어졌을 뿐만 아니라, 디자인은 지속적으로 클린 디자인 기준에 기초하고 있습니다.  조절용 나사가 없는 자체 조절 끝단 쿠셔닝 PPS 사양은 커미셔닝 업무를 줄여줍니다.  씰링  사양들은 집중적으로 세척이 요구되거나 또는 온도 범위가 변할 수 있는 어플리케이션에 범용적으로 사용될 수 있습니다.   


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    Powerful swivelling with outstanding precision and more than 10 million cycles: DSM-T from Festo

Reliable and powerful swivel motion: swivel module DSM-T

DSM-T – unique semi-rotary drive in 6 sizes

  • Now with tandem vanes for twice the torque (up to 80 Nm)
  • Adjustable fixed stop for maximum energy absorption and outstanding precision, and with a long service life of more than 10 million cycles
  • Optimum repetition accuracy throughout its entire service life
  • Flexible and easy adaptation to the application thanks to infinitely variable adjustment of the swivel angle up to max. 270°

More on the DSM-T

    Adaptive gripper DHDG

Adaptive gripper DHDG

Bionic gripping solution with minimum dead weight

  • Gripper fingers with Fin Ray Effect® for form-fitting gripping of irregularly shaped products
  • Minimum pressure on the gripped surface for sensitive gripping


Further product information on DHDG

    Suction gripper OGGB

Bernoulli grippers OGGB

Gripping of sensitive cheese products without leaving marks

The product floats on a cushion of air, preventing the sucking in of material and reducing deformation.


Suction gripper OGGB in the catalogue

    Festo vacuum generator OVEM: Integrated condition monitoring

통합 프로세스 신뢰도: 진공 발생기 OVEM

  • 상태 모니터링은 프로세스 신뢰도를 증가시키며 고장을 방지합니다. 
  • 자동 및 적시의 고장 표시를 통해 세트 배기 및 배출 사이클 시간을 모니터합니다.
  • 흡착 그립퍼 ESG와 이상적 조합


OVEM에 대한 간단한 제품 정보

진공 발생기 OVEM 카탈로그

    Vacuum generator VN

진공 발생기 VN

  • 낮은 중량 및 최소 설치 공간은 짧은 라인을 허용.
  • 분산화된 진공 발생으로 짧은 배출 시간과 더 높아진 생산성 


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진공 발생기 VN 카탈로그