Partner to the biotech/pharmaceutical industry

Festo offers custom-made automation solutions for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and the cosmetics sector. Regardless of whether you produce active ingredients using biotechnological or chemical processes, carry out the formulation as a contract manufacturer or fill parenterals in the clean room, we can automate your processes to ensure reproducible product quality. Festo's solutions, products and training courses provide reliability and increase your productivity. Rely on our combined engineering expertise and decades of experience in automation.

GMP and FDA-compliant products and solutions

Festo offers GMP and FDA-compliant products and solutions

The regulations of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines are also used as the standards for product development and solution engineering at Festo. Examples of

 FDA-compliant products for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry


Solution provider along the automation pyramid

Easyclip Biotech-/Pharma

See for yourself in our Easy-Clip, how easy it is to automate your complete production – from the production of ingredients to packaging.

Or our experts directly.

Explosion prevention and protection

ATEX – explosion prevention and protection

Keep explosive atmospheres under control

Open- and closed-loop control in potentially explosive atmospheres:

Festo offers suitable products for the entire pneumatic and electrical control chain – including extensive documentation and declarations of conformity.

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