Medical technology
Systems for medical equipment

You develop medical devices.

Festo supports you all the way from designing to developing and producing suitable subsystems.

We help you manage risks when developing products for medical applications, based on the ISO 13485 standard and FDA stipulations. That makes it easier for you to get your medical devices approved and certified.

Smaller, lighter and quieter: piezo valves in medical technology

Piezo valves are amazingly well suited to valve functions in the field of medicine.

  • Silent
  • No heat build-up
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lightweight
  • Proportional characteristics
  • Very short switching times
  • Compatible with oxygen
  • Sturdy and durable

피에조 기술을 적용한 비례 제어 밸브

Proportional valve VEMR

비례 제어 밸브 VEMR, VEAE

  • 2/2-way 밸브 (normally closed)
  • 연결 타입 : flange
Proportional valve VEMP

비례 제어 밸브 VEMC, VEMP, VEAA

  • 3/3-way 밸브 (normally closed)
  • 연결 타입 : flange

압력비례제어레귤레이터, 피에조 기술을 이용한 유량 제어 밸브와 센서

Proportional flow control valve VEMD

유량 비례 제어 밸브 VEMD

  • 2/2-way valve with flow sensor and electronic control
  • Mass flow controller (MFC)

CPAP ventilation/oxygen therapy for mobile applications

In action:

Small and lightweight piezo valves regulate the gas flows and pressures that release oxygen in infinitely variable steps.

Stationary ventilation in a clinical environment

Precise regulation and control of fluid flows from the blood and dialysate stream are crucial when it comes to efficient dialysis.

In action:

Piezo valves, media valves, pneumatic valves, proportional pressure regulators

수술 도구

An example from eye surgery shows pneumatically operated surgical tools being controlled.

In action:

Pneumatic control unit comprising solenoid valves and piezo valves for the following functions:

  • Actuating surgical tools
  • Vacuum-supported extraction
  • Conveying fluids

Regulation of fluid flows, gas flows and slime at dental service units

The various instruments are controlled independently of one another by switching valves, proportional valves, pumps and compressors.

Training torsos in medical training simulate breathing, pulse and bodily fluids, such as tears.

Intelligent control systems are used for simulating air and fluid movements.

Regulation of gas flows and pressures in medical mattresses for nursing beds.

Piezo valves actuate the chambers individually – quietly and with a soft-start function.

Smaller, lighter and quieter

In the field of medicine too, there is a growing demand for smaller and lighter equipment. Piezo valves and miniature valves MH are the ideal solution for small flows in medical technology.

Thanks to their great technical features, piezo valves are particularly well suited to valve functions in the field of medicine:

  • Piezo valves are noise free: essential for equipment used by patients throughout the night.
  • Piezo valves don't use much energy: the equipment doesn't have to be charged up as frequently.
  • Piezo valves do not generate any heat: the equipment is smaller and safer during operation.
  • Piezo valve operation is proportional: meaning the equipment can be continuously switched, e.g. when administering oxygen doses in breathing apparatus.


For applications with a large number of pneumatic connections in a very small space, Festo delivers customised and ready-to-install manifold duct plates.

Support with breathing

Equipment for respiratory disease therapy

Medical technology

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen dosing for illnesses involving chronic oxygen deficiency

Festo develops solutions for controlling the amount and concentration of oxygen supplied to the breathing air. These systems are integrated into the customer's medical product, e.g. mobile oxygen equipment.


Application example – Oxygen equipment

Medical technology

Sleep apnoea

Reduced oxygen supply due to respiratory arrests during sleep

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP):
providing slightly positive pressure (excess pressure) facilitates breathing and prevents apnoea.



Festo develops solutions that regulate the pressure and flow of the inhaled air/oxygen, thereby ensuring that positive pressure is constantly supplied for breathing. These solutions are integrated into the customer's medical product.



System technology with piezo valves


Developed and produced by BYTEC Medizintechnik GmbH

Cataract surgery

Clouded lenses brought on by old age are surgically removed and replaced by a synthetic lens (IOL).

Festo develops pneumatic control units that regulate the pressure and vacuum of the pneumatic tools used in cataract surgery.

Application example – Control unit for eye surgery