Multi-Carrier-System MCS
  • Freely configurable linear system
  • Easy to integrate into existing intralogistics
  • Supplements classic transport solutions by providing maximum flexibility
  • Product transport and positioning on carriers with the aid of linear motors
  • Integrated controller for transport motion and motion control functionality

The benefits to you: free configuration and flexible transport

Multi-Carrier-System MCS
  • Excellent flexibility: seamless inward and outward transfer of carriers
  • Easy integration: existing transport and logistics solutions can be used
  • Flexible operation: acceleration and speed can be set freely and individually, several carriers can be grouped and moved synchronously
  • 1 controller for everything: for the Multi-Carrier-System and other machine modules
  • Highly dynamic operation and high speed combined with high carrier working load

System setup

  • Simple, modular, mechanical basic system
  • Linear motor, basic profile and roller track
  • Passive carrier without motor and active electronics for low-wear and low-vibration transport motion
  • High-performance control system: complete integration of motion control tasks for the entire system.
Application video – MCS

Multi-Carrier-System MCS® – flexibility in the packaging industry