Textile industry


You want:

  • Sturdy and cost-effective components to build reliable and cost-optimised textile machines?
  • All parts as a PrePack in one package to save process costs?
  • Specific and ready-to-install solutions to quickly meet your customers' need for individuality and flexibility?
  • Short response times in service and after-sales areas?

Our solution:

  • Attractively priced and sturdy products for all areas in the textile industry,
    whether spinning, stretch texturing, weaving, circular knitting, bleaching, dyeing or coating
  • Pre-assembled units e.g. consisting of cylinders, fittings, sensors and foot mountings
  • Customised solutions from tubing, PrePacks and PreAssemblies to ready-to-install assemblies and systems
  • Global sales and service organisation for component support worldwide

Our product highlights for the textile industry:

Pneumatic drives:

  • Sturdy and attractively priced
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Available as a complete unit, e.g. with fittings, tubing, foot mountings etc.

    ISO cylinder DSBC from Festo

Standards-based cylinder DSBC to ISO 15552

Perfectly cushioned - thanks to self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning PPS

More about ISO cylinder DSBC

Round cylinder CRDSNU

Round cylinder DSNU with cushioning PPS

Fast adaptation to the optimum cushioning performance – without an adjusting screw

More information on the round cylinder DSNU

Compact cylinder ADN-PPS

Compact cylinder ADN-PPS to ISO 21287

Need to adjust the cushioning? Fine tune it?

You can leave all that to PPS.

More about compact cylinder ADN-PPS
Fluidic muscle DSMP

Fluidic muscle DSMP

High force combined with a small diameter. Dirt-resistant.

More information on the DSMP

Valves and valve terminals:

Solenoid valve VUVG

Solenoid valve VUVG

Compact, high-flow and low-cost – the best valve in its class

More about the solenoid valve VUVG


밸브 터미널 VTUG

최고 등급을 위해 강화된 밸브터미널 VTUG!

VTUG 상세정보 보기 

Solenoid valve VUVS

Solenoid valve VUVS

Durable and incredibly sturdy – the VUVS can handle all your standard tasks at a low cost.

More about the solenoid valve VUVS

Process and media valves

Process and media valves

  • Transporting, preparing, cleaning and disposing of fluids
  • Ideally suited for textile processing and finishing, such as in dye works
  • Sturdy: also suitable for contaminated or aggressive media

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Diverse product portfolio
for automation in textile machines:
Pneumatic drives
Valve technology
Air preparation
Plug connectors
Shut-off, pressure and flow control valves
Process automation
Electric drives

Products for the textile industry in the catalogue