OMS를 활용한 비용효율적인 멀티축 솔루션

Optimised Motion Series

Optimised Motion Series: low-cost with optimised performance

A package that makes moving and positioning easier than ever before while being significantly cheaper than conventional electrical solutions.

In the package: motor controller (drive system) with servolite technology including suitable cabling

Everything has a unique type code, making it easy to configure and order the right size and combination. This reduces the workload in your purchasing department and saves time, because the individual parts no longer have to be assembled.

Plus: quick parameterisation and commissioning thanks to web server/browser concept

Product in OMS at a glance

Electric cylinder EPCO

Electric cylinder EPCO

Making positioning easy and dynamic with the electric cylinder EPCO. It has a ball screw drive and non-rotating, plain-bearing piston, and always has a permanently mounted, perfectly tuned motor. The optional guide unit makes it even more powerful.

  • Available in 3 sizes with strokes of up to 400 mm
  • Optional guide unit with recirculating ball bearing guide with high load bearing capacity for absorbing lateral forces and protection against torsion at high torques
  • Always with permanently fitted, optimally tuned motor and flexible, freely selectable 4 x 90 motor connection
  • Cost-optimised controlled operation without encoder or controlled servo operation with encoder
  • Optional proximity sensor for homing or position sensing

EPCO in the catalogue

Toothed belt axis ELGR

Toothed belt axis ELGR

The application-optimised toothed belt axis ELGR in cost-optimised design is ideal for applications with comparatively low requirements in terms of mechanical load, dynamic response and precision. The flexibility of the ELGR, as well as its diverse range of uses make it ideal for simple applications requiring cost-effective solutions.

  • Available in 3 sizes for payloads of up to 6.8 kg
  • Long service life at an operating performance of 5,000 km
  • The motor position is freely selectable at both ends of the axis and can be retrofitted at any time
  • Optional end-position sensing by inductive proximity sensors with a repetition accuracy of ±50 μm (radial)

More about the toothed belt axis ELGR

Rotary drive ERMO

Rotary drive ERMO

The rotary drive ERMO is the ideal complete solution for rotating and aligning parts and workpieces. Thanks to the very precise, backlash-free ball bearing, it is particularly suitable for high loads, and can also be used as a simple rotary indexing table, e.g. at manual workstations.

  • ERMO is notable for its very long service life of over 5 million cycles.
  • Sealed hollow shaft for the through-feed of energy or sensor cables or tubing
  • Optional energy through-feed for continuous turning
    – pneumatic, e.g. for grippers
    – electric, e.g. for sensors or for transmitting IO-Link® signals
  • The motor can be rotated 3 x 90° during installation and the position can be changed at any time
  • Adjustable swivel angle up to max. 270° with external mounting kit

More on the rotary drive ERMO

Configuration for OMS

Configuration with WebConfig


Quick and easy configuration and parameterisation: optimised commissioning with WebConfig. Quick and easy via the web server: download the parameter set from the parameter cloud and parameterise up to seven freely definable positions directly on the PC. The complete system is quickly and easily ready for operation.


Configuration with the Festo Configuration Tool FCT

Festo Configuration Tool

Use the Festo Configuration Tool if you have special requirements for the Optimised Motion Series. With the software platform from Festo for electric drive solutions, you can configure up to 31 motion steps in the electric cylinder EPCO directly from the PC. You can enter acceleration values, speed, force or jerk limitation directly and use the advanced diagnostic functions. Flexible online or offline configuration and parameterisation without PLC.

Festo Configuration Tool FCT

Cost-effective multi-axis solutions with OMS

Multi-axis solutions with Optimised Motion Series

멀티축 솔루션 (Multi-axis Solution)을 쉽고 빠르게 만들 수 있습니다!

Festo OMS(Optimized Motion Series) 시스템의 다축 솔루션은 커미셔닝 및 작동이 쉽고 어댑터를 사용하지 않고도 장착 할 수 있습니다. These attractively priced solutions for free motion in two dimensions are ideal for applications where small parts or workpieces need to be gripped, positioned, stacked, turned, assembled or packaged.

고속 움직임에 적합한 리니어 갠트리

Linear gantry for high dynamic response


  • 고속 2축 핸들링 시스템 : 톱니형 벨트 축 ELGR과 전동 실린더 EPCO-KF의 조합      
  • 톱니형 벨트축 ELGR : 최대 행정거리 1.5m, 최대 속도 1.1m/s
  • 전동 실린더 EPCO-KF: 최대 행정거리 400mm, 외장 가이드 유닛 포함

콤팩트한 공간에서 픽 앤 플레이스 (Pick & Place) 솔루션

Compact pick & place solution
  • 두 개의 전동 실린더 EPCO-KF의 조합
  • External cylinder guide positioned vertically for a narrow installation profile
  • Electric cylinder EPCO-KF with external guide unit and maximum stroke of up to 400 mm

정확한 위치 선정이 가능한 픽앤플레이스 (Pick and Place) 솔루션

Pick & place solution for precise positioning
  • 두 개의 전동 실린더 EPCO-KF의 조합
  • Electric cylinder with recirculating ball bearing guide for high repetition accuracy in motion and positioning     
  • Electric cylinder EPCO-KF with external guide unit and maximum stroke of up to 400 mm

저가형, 픽앤플레이스 (Pick & Place) 솔루션

Low-cost, mixed-technology pick & place


  • 전동 실린더 EPCO-KF와 공압 슬라이드 DGSL의 조합
  • 순환 볼베어링 가이드 내장형 전동 실린더 EPCO-KF: 자유로운 위치 선정과 동작이 가능
  • 저가형 공압 슬라이드 DGSL : 높은 정밀도


높은 정밀도의, 탄성형 로터리 리프팅 솔루션

Rotary lifting solution


  • 전동 실린더 EPCO-KF와 전동 로터리 드라이브 ERMO의 조합
  • 순환 볼 베어링 가이드가 내장된 전동 드라이브는 유연한 리니어 포지셔닝을 가능하게 함
  • 내구성이 강한 backlash가 없는 베어링이 내장된 전동 로터리 드라이브는 높은 힘과 토크를 흡수함

하나의 핸들링 시스템을 조립하는 것이 얼마나 쉽고 간편한지 영상으로 확인해보세요!

Catalogue page ELGR-EPCO-ERMO-DGSL

최적화된 모션 시리즈(OMS, Optimised Motion Series) 포지셔닝을 통해 손쉽게 제품선정을 하실 수 있습니다!    

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