Flat-panel industry


Fast, gentle, reliable and precise: these are the attributes that characterise the economical production of flat panels. Festo offers interesting products and solutions for all your requirements, whether for plastic rubbing, seal printing, separating or for grinding edges.

프로젝트 및 솔루션 하이라이트

Sanfter Vertikaltransport von Dünschichtmodulen mit Lösungen von Festo


기판의 부드러우며 섬세한 리프팅


손상되기 쉬우며 무거운 박막 모듈의 수직적 이동은 큰 과제입니다. 이동해야 하는 부하의 무거운 무게에도 불구하고, 부드럽고 일정한 동작이 손상없이 수행되어야 하기 때문입니다. 전통적인 방식의 스핀들 시스템은 무거운 하중 때문에 자주 한계에 도달했습니다.  Festo의 리프터 시스템은 이러한 과제에 아주 간단하게 대응할 수 있습니다.  

The challenge: heavy weight, maximum speed, and an even and gentle movement

Lifting systems from Festo meet these requirements. By cleverly combining pneumatic and electric drives, the advantages of both technologies are optimised for the application. The pneumatic axis DGC balances the weight, while the electric axis EGC with toothed belt drive controls the movement. This ensures that the glass is transported both quickly and gently.

  • The benefits of having two technologies from a single source optimise the performance during transport
  • A significant reduction in motor and controller sizes compared to spindle solutions

All components for lifting and vertical transport




Optimal angepasste Handlinglösung von Festo zum schnellen und genauen Dispensing

정밀하고 신속한 디스펜싱


만약 전도성 접착제가 너무 부족하게 적용되면 충분한 전극이 생기지 않을 수 있으며, 반면에 너무 많은 접착제는 단락을 초래하기 때문에 정밀함은 접착제 비드에  반드시 요구됩니다. 속도 또한 경쟁력있는 생산을 위해 중요한 이슈입니다. 글라스 포맷의 변경으로 인해, 어플리케이션은 이것을 유연하게 처리할수 있어야 합니다.

Flexible, fast and precise dispensing of conductive adhesive with solutions from Festo

신속하며 정밀한 디스펜싱을 위해 완벽히 맞춰진 핸들링 솔루션


각각 독립적으로 배치될 수 있는 2개의 평행 작동 디스펜싱 헤드는 접착제 비드를 각막 전지로 부착합니다. 축의 정밀함 덕분에, 접착제 비드는 0.2mm 범위 내에서 정확합니다. 비드 길이, 비드 공간, 공식 등은 필요에 따라 프로그래밍 될 수 있습니다. 

정확하며 정밀함: 두개의 평행 작동 디스펜서 헤드는 독립적으로 작동하는 X축을 통해 독립적으로 배치될 수 있습니다.

Kühlprozesse in der Flachbildschirm und Solarmodulfertigung

Monitoring the cooling medium flow in solar and flat-panel production


The manufacturing process for multi-layered solar modules and flat panels generates heat, so a cooling system needs to be integrated into the process. The challenge is to enable reliable monitoring of the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the cooling medium. In vacuum coating processes, for example, the vacuum pumps, generators and the process chamber itself all need to be cooled.


Your objective:

  • A reliable, efficient cooling system
  • Reliable monitoring of the cooling process
  • Less effort and cost for development, commissioning and operation


Our solution:

  • Festo for all the components necessary to control the cooling process from a single source
  • Extremely sturdy and reliable components and systems
  • Ready-to-install systems – fully assembled and tested


Further information:

Expertise from a single source – media valves in factory automation


All media distribution components in the catalogue


Sample solution: distribution of cooling water

Important for this application:

  • Reliable monitoring of flow rate, pressure and temperature of the cooling medium in the system
  • Offer for a system solution
Main components
1 Ball valve actuator unit VZBM
2 Valve terminal CPX-MPA
3 Angle seat valve VZXF
4 Flow sensor SFAW/SPAW
5 Pressure -regulator LR (for purging the lines)
6 Sensors SFAW/SPAW
9 Terminal CPX

Product highlights for the flat-panel display industry

Servo drive CMMT-AS

Servo drive CMMT-AS

The high-performance servo drive CMMT-AS is price-optimised and size-optimised, and can be commissioned error-free with the Festo Automation Suite in just a few minutes. Ethernet-based bus systems enable direct, seamless integration into different controllers.

More about CMMT-AS

Servo motor EMMT-AS

Servo motor EMMT-AS

Extremely powerful and highly dynamic AC synchronous servo motor for demanding industrial applications. The innovative one cable plug (OCP) is characterised by excellent controllability and path accuracy for positioning tasks.

More about EMMT-AS

Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC

Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC

The cost-effective axis series ELGC allows you to keep dimensions very compact and make the most of the installation space, for example in small parts handling or desktop applications.

More about the ELGC

Valve terminal VTOC

Valve terminal VTOC

Ideal as a pilot valve for gas boxes and compact systems in the semiconductor and process industries. With an interlock option for more safety. Control via multi-pin or fieldbus. VTOC is also suitable for IO-Link®.

More about VTOC

Linear drive DGC

Linear drive DGC

Positioning drive with eccentric sealing system for virtually leak-free long strokes without restrictions.

More about DGC