Solar industry

The production of solar modules is highly automated in order to support the growing market for solar energy systems and to be able to provide products at attractive prices. Festo is your partner in the solar industry for the entire automation process chain.

Project and solution highlights


Optimiert für das Handling von Solarzellen und Wafern: das High Speed H-Portal von Festo


Fast and reliable repositioning thanks to the high-speed planar surface gantry
The fragile wafers frequently need to be repositioned. As they are transferred from one production step to the next, the wafers will be unloaded from a machine and transported to the next processing step. This must be done at maximum speed, and at the same time reliably and accurately in order to maximise the output.

The wafers must be touched as gently as possible in order not to "stress" them. As the wafers have photosensitive surfaces, no residues must remain on their surfaces so that the best use can be made of the light. Permanent checks, which don't interfere with the throughput, complement the repositioning process.


The award-winning high-speed planar surface gantry provides the best solution for this task:
Designed for handling solar cells and wafers, the planar surface gantry covers a rectangular working space with up to 4 degrees of freedom. The Bernoulli gripper has been adapted to transporting the fragile wafers. It ensures smooth, almost contactless transport. The integrated intelligent compact camera checks the wafers for damage and correct alignment.


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Gentle and reliable gripping

The application: during the production process, the wafers have to be steadily and reliably picked up and transported through the various production steps. This demands speed in order to keep the production costs of the modules as low as possible. Gentle processing is also required as the wafers must not break.

The challenge: the more the wafer production process progresses, the more refined the wafer is and the more valuable it becomes. Having suitable gripper technology at the right moment is therefore essential for handling the workpieces as well as for reducing investment and energy costs for the machines.

Reliable and virtually contactless gripping with Bernoulli grippers from Festo

베르누이 흡착컵 OGGB로 그립핑

베르누이 그립퍼 OGGB는 접촉이 거의 없이 웨이퍼를 픽업하고 안정적으로 포지셔닝합니다. 진공 흡착 컵과 달리 베르누이 흡착 컵은 순수한 압축 공기로 작동합니다. 이 공기는 반지 모양의 틈을 통해 통과하게 되어 있으며, 그 결과 웨이퍼를 부드럽고 안정적으로 들어 올리는 흡착 효과가 발생하며, 웨이퍼에 잔류 물이 남지 않습니다.
Suction insert OASI from Festo: protection against the suction of and damage to fragile workpieces

진공 흡착 인서트 OASI로 그립핑

흡착 인서트 OASI는 깨지기 쉬운 작업물의 손상과 흡착에 대해 보호해줍니다. 적합한 진공 흡착컵과 조합하여 웨이퍼의 안정적인 피킹과 모니터링을 위한 완벽한 솔루션을 제공합니다. 이 경제적인 솔루션은, 예를 들어 전지 생산 라인의 시작 단계인 로딩 단계와 같은 가공되지 않은 웨이퍼를 핸들링하는데 이상적으로 적합합니다.

Kühlprozesse in der Flachbildschirm und Solarmodulfertigung

Monitoring the cooling medium flow in solar and flat-panel production


The manufacturing process for multi-layered solar modules and flat panels generates heat, so a cooling system needs to be integrated into the process. The challenge is to enable reliable monitoring of the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the cooling medium. In vacuum coating processes, for example, the vacuum pumps, generators and the process chamber itself all need to be cooled.


Your objective:

  • A reliable, efficient cooling system
  • Reliable monitoring of the cooling process
  • Less effort and cost for development, commissioning and operation


Our solution:

  • Festo for all the components necessary to control the cooling process from a single source
  • Extremely sturdy and reliable components and systems
  • Ready-to-install systems – fully assembled and tested


Further information:

Expertise from a single source – media valves in factory automation


All media distribution components in the catalogue


Sample solution: distribution of cooling water

Important for this application:

  • Reliable monitoring of flow rate, pressure and temperature of the cooling medium in the system
  • Offer for a system solution
Main components
1 Ball valve actuator unit VZBM
2 Valve terminal CPX-MPA
3 Angle seat valve VZXF
4 Flow sensor SFAW/SPAW
5 Pressure -regulator LR (for purging the lines)
6 Sensors SFAW/SPAW
9 Terminal CPX

Product highlights for the solar industry

High-speed planar surface gantry ECXH

High-speed planar surface gantry ECXH

Fast and reliable repositioning of wafers

Cartesian high-speed pick and place handling system for maximum dynamic response and efficient operation of up to max. 95 picks/min. Enables precise positioning with high acceleration and deceleration as well as minimal vibration.

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Bernoulli gripper OGGB

Bernoulli gripper OGGB

Fast and gentle transport of wafers and solar cells

Extremely gentle repositioning or transporting for surface checks thanks to air cushions. High suction force without vacuum thanks to the Bernoulli effect.

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Ready-to-install solutions

Ready-to-install mounting plate

Complete mounting plates for the control cabinet during wafer cutting: assembled, fitted with all tubing and wiring, checked and documented

Created specifically for your application.

This saves you time and installation effort.

  • Handling systems
  • Control cabinets
  • Mounting plates
  • Modules


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