Technical details for cantilever axis ELCC

Function and sizes

  • The cantilever axis is attached to the slide as a standard
  • The axis moves in and out of the working area
  • Freely selectable motor positions (turned 4x90°) and mounting kits (axial and parallel) can be retrofitted
  • Vertical and horizontal installation system
  • Size/max. nominal stroke [mm]: 60/1300, 70/1500, 90/2000, 110/2000

Motor position

  • Freely selectable mounting direction up or down
  • Mounting axial, parallel or transverse to the axis
  • Motor alignment 4 × 90°
  • Can be changed at any time
  • Optional mounting kits for third-party motors

Toothed belt variants

  • Wider toothed belt possible for higher forces and dynamic response
  • Three material options

Durable standard polychloroprene toothed belt with glass fibre cords
Polyurethane toothed belts with steel cords for packaging applications in the food industry
Coated polyurethane toothed belt with long service life for greater resistance to lubricants, e.g. in machine tools

Front-unit components

Electrical and pneumatic components on the front unit

  • Easy to select – convenient and fast, directly from the catalogue

Electric rotary module ERMB

  • Rotary axis with any rotation angle >360°

Parallel gripper HGPT-B

  • Sturdy T-slot gripper with a gripping force of up to 6300 N

Semi-rotary drive DRRD

  • Swivelling high loads up to 200°

Robot flange

  • Front end interface for industrial robots in accordance with ISO 9409-1

Position detection

Incremental displacement encoder

  • Contactless position sensing with 2.5 μm resolution
  • Direct monitoring for safety-relevant two-channel solutions
  • Greater positioning accuracy, as elasticity is controlled by the servo drive

Inductive proximity sensor

  • For homing or for sensing the end positions
  • Proximity sensor SIEN-M8 with switching output PNP or NPN
  • Can be installed alongside the displacement encoder

Clamping unit

  • For securely holding the load
  • Spring-loaded brake shoes secure the axis directly onto the guide rail and are released and engaged using compressed air
  • Clamps the upright axis for a secure hold even in the event of a power failure or cable break
  • Double the holding force with second slide and second clamping unit
  • Only suitable for emergency braking
  • Clamping unit can be selected for sizes 70, 90 and 110
  • Not in connection with sealing air

Sealing air

  • Sealing air connection near the recirculating ball bearing guide
  • Minimises the number of particles that get into the axis, e.g. in a dusty environment or on machine tools

Shock absorber

  • Dampens the end position impact of the axis in the event of a collision
  • Prevents damage during set-up, dampens short falling distances of the vertically installed de-energised axis

Additional slide

  • Extends the guide, increases the rigidity with longer strokes and enhances load-bearing capacity, especially when used horizontally
  • Reduces vibrations and significantly shortens oscillations

Central lubrication system

  • 2 lubrication nipples for lubricating the guide cassettes
  • Alternative connection to a central lubrication system
  • Suitable for oils and greases