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Individual valves for your automation tasks

As the inventor of the valve terminal, Festo is also a valve expert. From simple, low-cost applications to complex automation tasks, Festo has the right valve for every purpose. For all industry segments, from the food and packaging industry to the automotive, electronics, wood and textile industry, to process automation. With the features you expect from Festo: robust and durable quality with up to 100 million switching cycles, worldwide delivery and comprehensive engineering support.

At Festo you'll find directional control valves, proportional valves, safety valves, standardised valves, fast-switching valves, media valves and process valves, actuated either electrically pneumatically, mechanically or manually.

기능이 통합된 VPPM-MPA


비용 효율적이면서 설치 시간 감소: 공압 및 전기 기능이 포함된 CPX/MPA 밸브 터미널 단의 비례 압력 제어 레귤레이터 VPPM.


VPPM-MPA 상세 정보 보기 

유연한 압력 존 제어에 대한 상세 정보 보기

어플리케이션 예시:
전세계에서 다양한 가능성

Proportional valves: use

비례 밸브는 핸들링 및 조립 작업, 포장 기계 또는 용접 환경 등의 광범위한 어플리케이션에 적용이 가능합니다.


비례 제어밸브의 사용 

Proportional technology

Proportional valves

A broad range of proportional pressure regulators and proportional directional control valves

From individual valve to valve terminal

More about proportional technology

Your new universal valve VUVS

Solenoid valve VUVS

For all standard tasks:

  • Sturdy
  • High flow rates
  • Inexpensive

More about the solenoid valve VUVS

비례 압력 밸브 VPPM

proportional-pressure regulator VPPM

멀티 센서 제어 및 Presets 포함된 VPPM 


VPPM 상세 정보 보기 

멀티-센서 제어 상세 정보 보기 


기본 어플리케이션:
신제품 VPPE 디스플레이 포함

Proportional valve VPPE

간단한 제어 작업용으로 정말 필요로 하는 기능이 포함된 맞춤형 제품 


VPPE 디스플레이 상세 정보 보기 


Find what you're looking for: the right valve

An overview of Festo's various valve series


A technical comparison of available solenoid valves:

White paper piston spool valves and poppet valves


Valve terminal selection

Overview of the available valve terminal series with features and range of applications

Valve terminal selection