EU Regulation 1907/2006

REACH EU Regulation 1907/2006

REACh= Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals

European regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances 

Article 7 of the new regulation contains specifications for chemical substances. As a European Regulation, it applies in all member states of the EU directly and does not need to be implemented in national law as is the case with European Directives.


Aim of REACh: protection of human health and the environment

Information about SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) in products

On 10th September 2015, the European Court of Justice clarified the definition of a product for the purposes of the REACh Directive. If the limit value of 0.1m% for a substance of very high concern (SVHC) is exceeded in an installed sub-product, the product in question must be registered in accordance with Art.33 (1) of the REACh Directive – without regard to the m% content of the whole product. Thereupon we re-assesed our products and inform here about

SVHC’s in installed sub-products.

Current candidate list 

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Explanation of REACh 


Products with SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern):

SVHC product list


Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets for your lubricating grease and threadlocker in accordance with 1907/2006/EG, article 31. These documents are available to you as a PDF files and in various languages.


Safety data sheets in the Support Portal