Installation and control concepts

Your system concept defines the ideal valve terminal solution

Valve terminals with CPX, optionally with CODESYS controller, as well as the installation systems CPI and CTEL facilitate control and installation concepts that are perfectly adapted to your system concept. Or alternatively, you can use the IO-Link master CECC from Festo which allows you to integrate additional external functions. Also easy to realise: the hybrid combination of central and decentralised installation systems.

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Central/hybrid installation system

In the central installation system, several drives and functions are linked and completely controlled by one valve terminal via CODESYS controller.


Benefits of the central installation system:

  • Up to 60% more efficient thanks to function integration
  • Channel costs reduced by up to 50%
  • Up to 40% better performance



Hybrid installation systems combine the benefits of the central and decentralised installation systems.

Decentralised installation system / system expansions

Individual functions are connected decentrally to a small valve terminal using a short tubing connection. The valve terminal is connected to the controller via a hybrid cable for data and voltage.


Benefits of the decentralised installation system:

  • Cycle times reduced by up to 30% through very short tubing
  • Space reduced by up to 70%
  • Air consumption reduced by up to 50%
Decentralised installation

Available systems and benefits:


Installation system CPI in the catalogue

  • Different voltage zones via additional power supply
  • More participants via up to four modules per string


Installation system CTEL (I-Port, CTEU) in the catalogue

  • Self-configuring
  • Inexpensive basic functions


IO-Link master in the catalogue

  • Open, standardised system
  • Integratable external functions



설치 개념:

Centralised installation concept


다양한 드라이브와 기능들이 결합되며 대형 밸브 터미널에 의하여 완전하게 제어됩니다. 밸브 터미널은 쉽게 접근할 수 있는 위치에 설치 됩니다. 예, 설비 정면, 설비 선반 또는 상단. 공압 제어 회로는 겨우 몇 미터만 사용가능 합니다.

Festo 제품:

밸브 터미널 VTSA type 44 카탈로그 

밸브 터미널 ISO type 04 카탈로그

밸브 터미널 MPA type 32 카탈로그

밸브 터미널 Midi/Maxi type 03 카탈로그

전기 터미널 CPX type 50 카탈로그 

New on CPX:


Option for Industry 4.0:

integration via OPC UA


More than 20 fieldbus and Ethernet protocols:


DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP

CANopen, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT


Simple diagnostics and visualisation

e.g. via FDT/DTM (Profibus)
or OPC server (Ethernet)

More on fieldbus/Ethernet


Easy configuration and diagnostics for all CPX modules:

Festo Maintenance Tool

Diagnostics and service information via web monitor:

CPX web monitor

Commissioning and servicing tool for all products:

Festo Field Device Tool

Festo Configuration Tool

Commissioning made easy:

Device description files

Function elements


Templates for label holders for valve terminals:

MS-Word template


CTEL/CTEU: irresistibly simple and low-cost fieldbus technology

A bus node for different valve terminals and digital inputs

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