Project and solution highlights

Sliding fork: infinitely variable telescopic handling system for substrate transport

Sliding Fork


Innovative handling solution for loading and unloading of substrates and modules. The telescopic principle with triple transmission ratio offers a stroke of up to 2,100 mm.

  • Space = workpiece size
  • Advances at both ends with infinitely variable intermediate stops
  • Perfectly designed for the conditions in process chambers
Festo sliding fork for use in coating processes in a vacuum

Use in a vacuum during coating processes

The sliding fork inserts substrates for coating in the process chambers.

  • Coating processes in a vacuum at temperatures of up to 200°C
  • More cost-effective than special cleanroom robots
Festo sliding fork for loading and unloading operations: low-cost and compact alternative to robot solutions

Used for loading and unloading operations under atmospheric pressure

During the production process, the substrates frequently need to be repositioned for loading and unloading process modules. The sliding fork easily beats robot solutions in this context, not only in terms of costs but also in terms of installation space:

  • Installation space = workpiece size
  • Cost savings of up to 50% compared to robot solutions
  • Extremely long stroke: up to 2m

"Sliding Fork" stepless telescopic handling unit

Reliable and fast transport in high vacuum