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Festo provides solutions for the manufacture of a huge variety of vehicle components:

  • Powertrain
  • Chassis
  • Electrics/electronics
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Tyres

Without supplier industry no automotive industry

Vehicle interior: differentiation creates uniqueness. Festo systems support the flexibility required during production.

Interior: an experience of sensations and originality

Your objective: leading by innovation and differentiation

Our solution: highly flexible control and monitoring solutions for fast production adjustments

Kolbenschwenkantrieb DRRD

Semi-rotary drive with piston DRRD

Greater stability even for smaller sizes

  • Positions precisely and thus more reliably even with a long lever arm
  • Cushioning options: internal and space-saving or externally for maximum torque in the end position
  • Optionally for size 16 and above: end-position locking and completely sealed variant 


Semi-rotary drive with piston DRRD in the catalogue

    Controlling all electric axes with fieldbus connection: Festo motor controller CECX

Extremely simple commissioning and programming: motor controller CECX

For controlling all electric axes with fieldbus connection. The CoDeSys software provides CANopen with a powerful programming environment via the SoftMotion module. Two product versions: modular master controller with CoDeSys or motion controller with CoDeSys and SoftMotion.


Motor controller CECX in the catalogue

Ideal for dynamic positioning tasks: servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo

Ideal for dynamic positioning tasks: servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo

  • Optionally available with digital absolute displacement encoder, single turn (standard) or multi-turn (optional)
  • Additional option of holding brake for the "safe stop" function to EN 954-1/Cat.3.


 Product information Electric automation

Servo motor EMMS-AS in the catalogue