Tier1 suppliers

Festo provides solutions for the manufacture of a huge variety of vehicle components:

  • Powertrain
  • Chassis
  • Electrics/electronics
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Tyres

Without supplier industry no automotive industry

The chassis: high volumes thanks to platform concepts. Automation solutions from Festo ensure reliable production.

The chassis: high volumes, produced economically

Your objective: ensuring productivity

Our solution: components and systems adapted for reliable automation in harsh production environments

    Standard cylinder DSBG

Standard cylinder DSBG with self-adjusting cushioning PPS

ISO 15552

  • 5 x more cushioning energy in the end position than its predecessor DNG
  • Save time with self-adjusting cushioning PPS
  • An extensive range of accessories makes it possible to install the cylinder virtually anywhere for the chassis


Standard cylinder DSBG in the catalogue

    Powerful parallel gripper HGPT-B from Festo

Sturdy, powerful and precise: parallel gripper HGPT-B

  • High gripping force of up to 7kN
  • Sturdy and precise due to T-slot guidance of the gripper fingers
  • Also available as high-power variant with twice the force at half the gripping stroke
  • Reliable gripping due to long T-slot guidance, event at high torque loads
  • Can be used in harsh environments due to integrated sealing air
  • 4 sensor slots for up to 4 flush-fitting, integrated sensors
  • Reliable: optional gripping force backup reliably prevents the loss of workpieces.


Parallel gripper HGPT in the catalogue

    Welding spatter resistant tube-fitting combination PAN-V0/QS-V0 from Festo

When it gets hot: welding spatter resistant combination PAN-V0/QS-V0

For optimum, permanently trouble-free operation:

Maximum resistance in areas with flying sparks and welding spatter with the double-sheathed tubing PAN-V0. The external, fireproof tube protects the internal compressed air tube from the risk of fire and from all types of mechanical load.


Tube PAN-V0 in the catalogue

Fitting QS-V0 in the catalogue

Product overview of tubes and fittings