Record-breaking speed in drive train production


The application: CNC parts machining in the engine and transmission plant

Your objective: maximum product quality at high cycle rates of the manufacturing process

Our solution: components and systems for fast transport and extremely precise monitoring tasks

Semi-rotary drive with piston DRRD

Semi-rotary drive with piston DRRD

  • Positions precisely and thus more reliably even with a long lever arm
  • Cushioning options: internal and space-saving or externally for maximum torque in the end position
  • Optionally for size 16 and above: end-position locking and completely sealed variant

Semi-rotary drive DRRD in the catalogue

    Linear drives DGC

Linear drives DGC-K

  • Compact: fitting length relative to stroke
  • Loads and devices can be directly mounted on the slide.
  • For safety-oriented applications with mechanical hazards
  • Ideal for final assembly
  • DGC-K: with internal guide for simple actuator functions in small installation spaces


Linear drives with DGC-K in the catalogue

    Attractively priced solution for minimal tolerances: air gap sensor SOPA from Festo

Attractively priced solution for minimal tolerances: air-gap sensor SOPA

  • Simple installation and commissioning, maximum reliability
  • Lightweight, compact, extremely precise and highly integrated: SOPA with controller module, compressed air regulation, measurement air switch-off, air jet function and up to 4 measuring modules


Air-gap sensor SOPA in the catalogue