Semi-rotary drives

    Twin piston semi-rotary drive

Twin piston semi-rotary drive DRQD/DRQD-B

High mass moment of inertia for heavy loads

  • Rotation up to 360°
  • Torque at 6 bar: up to 50 Nm


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    Swivel module with fixed stop

Swivel module DSM-B

Precise semi-rotary drive with fixed stop

  • Infinitely adjustable swivel angle up to 270°
  • Long service life: up to 10 million cycles


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Semi-rotary drive DSM-B in the catalogue

    Swivel module DSM-T

Swivel module DSM-T

Semi-rotary drive with tandem vane

  • Torques up to 80 Nm at 6 bar
  • Infinitely adjustable swivel angle 270°


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Semi-rotary drive DSM-T in the catalogue

    Semi-rotary drive DSM-HD

Semi-rotary drive DSM-HD

Precise support for very high load torques at high running accuracy

  • High maximum radial force of up to 1,800 N


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    Rotary module ERMB

Electric rotary module ERMB

With any swivel angle > 360°

  • Freely positionable for rotation of masses up to 15 kg
  • Also suitable for use as a small, stationary, numerically controlled rotary table


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    Rotary lifting module EHMB

Rotary lifting module EHMB

Freely positionable unit with independently moving axes

  • Rotation: electrical
  • Linear motion: electrical or pneumatic
  • High speed: swivel 1 kg 180° in 0.25 s


Rotary lifting module EHMB in the catalogue