Secondary packaging
Requirements and solutions


Cost-efficient solutions with high speed and easy format adjustment

Components for labelling

    Servo motor EMMS-AS with motor controller CMMP

Servo motor EMMS/E-AS with motor controller CMMP

keeps the labelling speed constant.


Servo motor EMMS-AS in the catalogue

Servo motor EMME-AS in the catalogue

Motor controller CMMP in the catalogue



Toothed belt axis ELGA-TB

Toothed belt axis ELGA-TB

with plain-bearing guide for simple positioning tasks such as format changes, or as a drive axis where an external guide is used.


Toothed belt axis ELGA-TB-G in the catalogue

    Electric cylinder ESBF

Free positioning with feed forces up to 17 kN: electric cylinder ESBF

  • Non-rotating piston with plain bearing guide
  • Flexible motor mounting: axial, parallel or for third-party motors
  • Three variants of the ball screw (BS) for adaptation to different positioning tasks

Electric cylinder ESBF in the catalogue