Linear motion

Versatile technology and performance with pneumatic, electromechanical and electrical positioning systems for linear motion. Diverse individual applications with maximum economic efficiency. Plus quicker, easier and more systematic design and commissioning using software tools.

Linear axes

Festo: Mechatronic Motion Solutions Linear axis

Crucial role in the automation of linear motion in handling technology

  • Linear guide combined with a toothed belt or spindle drive
  • Slide movement between both ends of the axis, which keeps it inside the working space

Electric toothed belt axis ELGA-TB-G

Linear axis with dual guide

Festo linear axis with dual guide

The heavy-duty variant EGC-HD with recirculating ball bearing guide effectively absorbs lateral forces and torque

  • Toothed-belt or spindle drive with two parallel guides
  • Ideal for linear gantries or cantilever systems

Electric heavy-duty axis EGC-HD

Mini slide

Festo: Mechatronic Motion Solutions Mini slide

Electric or double-acting pneumatic drive with excellent guidance and high precision

  • Designed for short strokes
  • Moves in and out of the working space
  • Compact design

Electric mini slide EGSL