Energy Saving Services

Holistic concept for optimising compressed air systems

For energy-efficient and environmentally conscious systems operation

Reduce operating costs by up to 60%

We determine your potential savings and assist you in the planning and conversion of energy-relevant optimisation measures.

We ensure the sustainability of your energy savings by implementing measures for maintaining savings and with training courses for your staff.


Modular service offer in line with your requirements

Compressed air energy efficiency audit to ISO/DIS 11011

Certified by the German certification organisation TÜV Süd



Compressed air energy efficiency audit according to ISO/DIS 11011

Determine output values and savings potential for the entire compressed air system

Compressed air production energy analysis Precise analysis of the compressed air requirements over a longer period, determining the energy costs and possible savings
Compressed air consumption analysis Measure and record compressed air consumption for individual machines
Compressed air quality analysis Measure compressed air quality at different points to obtain immediate results on the water and oil content in the system
Leakage detection Localisation of leaks, including gathering all necessary data for repairs and improvements


  • Compressed air supply analysis
  • Compressed air quality analysis
  • Compressed air consumption measurement
  • Leakage detection



  • Development of leakage management concept
  • Development of modernisation concept
  • Development of condition monitoring concept



  • Carrying out repairs
  • Implementation of modernisation concept
  • Implementation of condition monitoring concept



  • Regular analysis of compressed air supply, compressed air consumption and compressed air quality
  • Regular leakage detection
  • Carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Practical and theoretical training


Energy Saving Assessment Portal from Festo

Energy Saving Assessment Portal

Festo Online Portal for documenting the service results

All service data available globally in real-time

  • Identify savings measures which are economically viable and technically feasible
  • Transparently document implemented measures and achieved savings
  • View and further process data at all times


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