Surface mount technology SMT

Applying solder paste to the PCBs

Your objective: precision control of the scraper for an even application of solder paste

Our solution: automation systems for pre-tensioning PCBs to scraper control

    Wide range of variants: compact standard cylinder ADN from Festo

Small and powerful: compact cylinder ADN

  • Heat-resistant or low temperature
  • Reinforced piston rod for higher lateral forces
  • Very low friction, designed for low speeds 

Overview of cylinders with piston rod

ADN in the catalogue

    Cylinder DNC with guide unit FENG

Standard cylinder DNC with guide unit FENG

  • Design reduces space requirements by up to 11% compared with standard cylinders
  • Guide unit FENG guarantees protection against rotation at high torques


Standard cylinder DNC in the catalogue

    MS series service units

Compressed air service units from the MS series

  • Integrated flow sensors and pressure sensors
  • Electric pressure regulator and other freely combinable function modules available


More on service units

MS series service units in the catalogue