Industry 4.0 / IoT – Products and solutions

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) impresses original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end users alike. Production and the digital world are coming together, making factory automation more flexible, increasing energy efficiency, linking logistics processes more closely, optimising the value chain – and all this is happening in process automation too.

The Internet of Things (IoT), smart factories, cyber-physical systems and big data are driving the project of the future solutions must be ever faster, more diverse, more flexible and more intelligent. Calls for greater availability, energy efficiency and just-in-time production are on the increase.

Festo is playing a major role in shaping the Industry 4.0 trend, and emphasises the following aspects in particular:

Politics and standardisation: Festo is a member of the “Industry 4.0” initiative of the German Federal Government, and is involved in all key standards associations and initiatives on this topic.

Research at Festo

Products and technologies: Festo offers complete electric and pneumatic automation solutions, from the cloud through control technology, IoT gateways, sensors and actuator technology.

Industry 4.0 in practice: The Scharnhausen Technology Plant

World of automation system presentation

Products and solutions can be found using the tabs below.

Basic and further training: Festo trains employees with an eye on the future, and ensures process optimisation and further training.

Didactic: CP Factory

Learning systems and training factories for Industry 4.0

Human-machine interaction: learning from nature and the Bionic Learning Network.

Industry 4.0 control technology IP65/67

Automation platform 4.0: CPX

Automation platform 4.0: CPX

  • Independent I/O platform
  • Modular, adaptable, flexible
  • The product key combines the virtual and real world
  • CODESYS V3: integrated front end control for decentralised intelligence for Industry 4.0, integrated motion control via Softmotion as an option
  • OPC-UA server for integration in Industry 4.0 host environments (from Codesys SP7)

Short product information for CPX 4.0

CPX in the catalogue

Intelligent valve terminals with maximum possible function integration: MPA and VTSA both can be combined directly with CPX.

Gateway de IOT-CPX

Gateway de IoT CPX-IOT – o caminho direto para a Festo Cloud

  • Aplicativo IP65 independente ou dentro do CPX
  • Até 31 participantes OPC UA podem ser conectados
  • Protocolos da web/nuvem AMQP e MQTT
  • Comutador de hardware para "DESLIGAR", integração, leitura ou leitura/gravação

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Brochura sobre a 4,0ª Revolução Industrial

Nossos especialistas terão prazer em responder às suas perguntas sobre tecnologia ou o processo de pedido:

Valve terminal MPA-S

Excellent communication options thanks to serial linking: valve terminal MPA-S

Short product information for MPA

MPA-S with CPX in the catalogue

Valve terminal VTSA

Safety-related pneumatics and maximum combination of valve sizes: ISO valve terminal VTSA

Short product information for VTSA

VTSA with CPX in the catalogue

Festo Motion Terminal VTEM

Festo Motion Terminal – pneumática digital!

Sistemas ciberfísicos como o novo padrão em pneumática – isso é a 4,0ª Revolução Industrial!

  • Simples: uma válvula substitui mais de 50 componentes pneumáticos
  • Adaptável: aplicativos, em vez de hardware
  • Flexível: funções podem ser selecionadas/alteradas para cada ciclo de operação
  • Confiável: diagnóstico e monitoramento de condição completo
  • 4,0ª Revolução Industrial: sistemas autorreguláveis, confiáveis e à prova de adulteração, controlador de sistema/máquina no local opcional, conexão e visualização de nuvem

Breves informações sobre o produto VTEM

Mais sobre o Festo Motion Terminal

Soluções para a 4,0ª Revolução Industrial

Parallel kinematic system with CPX/EMCA

Industry 4.0 robotics without a control cabinet: high-speed handling system with CPX/EMCA and virtual communication interfaces

  • Revolutionary: compact robotics structure without control cabinet thanks to comprehensive function integration
  • CPX controller in IP65/67 with Codesys Softmotion, OPC UA interface for Industry 4.0
  • Integrated motors EMCA in IP54/65
  • Virtual commissioning via simulation software CIROS by Festo Didactic with a connection to the actual parallel kinematic system. Prepared for the descriptive language AML (Automation Markup Language, the upcoming standard for Industry 4.0)
  • High-speed handling system with robotics functions for freely programmable movements in three dimensions – motion control provided by Festo
  • Simple incorporation into our compact handling systems and other mechatronic subsystems

CPX in the catalogue

Study of Delta kinematics with CPX/EMCA

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