Liquid handling

Automate your laboratory processes with our modular dosing system

Single or multiple-channel dispense heads dispense different media with different pressures. During extraction, the vacuum and the position of the extraction needles are precisely controlled.

You can then:

  • Dispense fluids with a dispensing valve and extract them in a controlled way
  • Vary the control for pressure and vacuum.

High-precision dosing and positioning with ready-to-install systems from a single source

Reliability, precision and compact dimensions are key when handling liquids in laboratories. Festo offers all that. Our dispense head consists of a manifold duct plate, dosing valves and nozzles, and can be adapted perfectly to your specific requirements. Combining this with our handling system creates a ready-to-install complete solution which simplifies engineering and increases productivity.

From the first concept to the finished solution

Our experts in the LifeTech business unit use their interdisciplinary experience acquired during many other projects in the life sciences field. Festo components as well as third-party components by renowned manufacturers ensure our customers are offered the best-possible solution and maximum quality.

Ready-to-install dispense head

Single-channel dispense head VTOE

Single-channel dispense head VTOE

  • High precision across a large range of volumes
  • Possible combinations: modular mounting on a rail
  • Ideal for manufacturing dilutions, nutrient solutions, dispensing reagents
Dispense head VTOE-8-8-C

8-channel dispense head VTOE-8 with cover

  • 8-channel: ideal for microwell plates
  • Parallel dosing of different fluids and fill quantities
  • Individual control of the valves permits the channels to be coordinated for maximum precision and precise dosing

Find out more here about the dispense head

Dispense head VTOE in the catalogue

Media separated solenoid valve

Solenoid valve with flanged connection VODA

With flanged connection

  • Nominal widths: 0.4 ... 1.0 mm
  • 2/2- or 3/2-way valve
  • Ideal for dispensing small fluid volumes

Solenoid valve with threaded connection VODA-LD

With threaded connection

  • Nominal width: 2.0 ... 6.0 mm
  • Optimum for switching cleaning fluids and rinsing processes, for example

Pressure regulators: pumping liquids using air pressure

Pressure regulator VEAA

Pressure regulator VEAA/VEAB

  • Extremely accurate regulation of pressure and vacuum
  • 3/3-way valve including pressure sensor and control electronics
  • Short response times of less than 10 ms

Find out more here about the pressure regulator

Pressure regulator VEAA in the catalogue

Pressure regulator VEAB in the catalogue

Proportional pressure regulating valve terminal VEMA

Proportional pressure regulating valve terminal VEMA

  • 8-channel pressure regulator
  • Output range: 0.5 … +0.5 bar
  • with digital CAN bus interface

The right handling system paves the way for a complete functional unit

We develop ready-to-install complete solutions with dosing technology and matching kinematics in line with your requirements – for dosing and pipetting fluids, e.g. for dilutions, adding nutrient solutions and for dosing reagents into microwell plates.

Planar surface gantry EXCM

Planar surface gantry EXCM

  • Moving the microwell plate in the X-Y direction
  • Z-axis movement: electric axis EGSK

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