Smartenance – Mobile digital maintenance management

Get digital. Now! The digital maintenance manager for production managers and system operators finally makes maintenance management paperless, and alerts you when maintenance jobs need doing. Smartenance provides you with a clear schedule and evaluation for your system maintenance and offers a fast and easy transition to digital maintenance.


Preventive system maintenance is a time-consuming process which is still documented using pen and paper. We make it easier, faster and more reliable.
 With Smartenance, Festo's digital maintenance schedule.


Smartenance consists of two parts: a mobile maintenance schedule in the form of an app for smartphones and tablets on the shop floor and a web browser interface for managing and documenting your maintenance tasks in the office. Intelligent user management and teamwork makes your maintenance management efficient.
 Smartenance is quick and easy for anyone to install, self-explanatory and a simple and cost-effective introduction to digitalisation. Get started today and try out Smartenance free for one month.


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Smartenance is available in selected countries.

Smartenance Dashboard for plant operators

As a production manager,

you can monitor all maintenance tasks of your plants in one central dashboard, identify urgent tasks at a glance, and receive feedback from colleagues on individual maintenance tasks.

  • Clear display of all equipment and tasks in your web browser
  • Evaluation of all equipment and feedback in one place
  • Detailed proof for audits
Smartenance Mobile App for maintenance personnel and machine operators

As a plant operator,

you always have the maintenance calendar on your mobile device at hand and all upcoming maintenance tasks documented and with you. Feedback and images are uploaded directly into the cloud and can be viewed by everyone.

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Digital maintenance instructions with pictures and feedback
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

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Questions? You can reach us at

Smartenance is available in selected countries.


All in one application:

  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Incident management
  • Plant logbook
  • Data interface


Your benefits

  • Mobile communication
  • Simple coordination
  • More efficient cloud data


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