Precise welding and handling in the body shop

Body manufacture in automotive production is a job for welding robots.
Robust solutions have to position the sheet metal with great accuracy and repeatability, supply the line with small parts, and the welding guns with compressed air and cooling water.

Suitable products for the body shop

Elektrisches Terminal CPX

Command bridge to Industry 4.0

The electrical terminal CPX together with the valve terminal VTSA.
This automation solution combines I/O modules, valve functionality and safety functions in accordance with ISO 13849-1 into one unit. The high level of function integration, the comprehensive fieldbus options and IO-Link® make this unit the decentralised intelligence in Industry 4.0 scenarios.

Maximum productivity: terminal CPX

Valve terminals with function integration


Made-to-measure installation plates

Application-specific complete solutions for the efficient and reliable supply of entire welding lines or individual welding robots with compressed air and cooling water. In accordance with the standards and directives as well as the approved products and requirements in automotive engineering. With specific mechanical, pneumatic and electrical interfaces and a structured, bundled media supply.

Application example

Hall installation plate (HIP)
Robot installation plate (RIP)

Antriebslösung für Schweißzangen

Servo-pneumatic drive solution for welding guns

High accuracy, fast and flexible – whether for X or C guns.
 Our Industry 4.0-ready servo-pneumatic drive solution for welding guns delivers the total force right from the first welding point (up to 24 kN), to a high level of quality and with outstanding reproducibility.

The benefits of the new generation