Record-breaking speed in drive train production

Festo offers components and systems for the rapid and precise movement of loads, ensuring both fast transport and the implementation of extremely precise monitoring tasks.

Suitable products for drive train production

Electric stopper EFSD

Precision stopping and feedback

Electric stopper EFSD with integrated position feedback is specifically designed for use in transfer systems where objects are transported from one processing station to another. It is suitable for conveying goods up to 100 kg.
Highlight: direct connection to the digital I/O of a PLC possible.

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Stopper cylinders DFST

Gentle and vibration-free stopping of loads from 1 kg to 800 kg

The stopper cylinder DFST is ideal for stopping and separating workpiece carriers or for fast transfer systems. Shock absorbers work without a minimum load: only one size is needed in the system for both full and empty workpiece carriers.

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Elektrisches Terminal CPX

Command bridge to Industry 4.0

The electrical terminal CPX together with the valve terminal VTSA.
This automation solution combines I/O modules, valve functionality and safety functions in accordance with ISO 13849-1 into one unit. The high level of function integration, the comprehensive fieldbus options and IO-Link® make this unit the decentralised intelligence in Industry 4.0 scenarios.

Maximum productivity: terminal CPX

Valve terminals with function integration