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Hygiene is crucial in meat processing. Every one of your systems, from slaughter to meat processing to packaging, has to be meticulous when it comes to preventing contamination. That is why we have pneumatic and electric automation solutions that are perfect for processing meat and sausages, built using a hygienic design, extremely resistant to external influences and easy to clean.

Key safety questions

Safety in the meat and sausage processing industry means machine safety. But having reliably clean production processes is also a top priority.

Emergency Buton
Machine safety

For Festo machines, working safely with machines is a matter of course. Using safe pneumatic and electric components from Festo provides you with the certainty that your safety measures are being implemented in compliance with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This allows you to achieve the best possible safety at your workstations.

With our industry experience, we guide companies through the stages of risk assessment, designing a safety plan, validation and much more – with practical on-site training for your employees.

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Clean Design Valve Terminal
Food safety

We make no compromises when it comes to food safety. We provide you with the right automation components for meat processing machines, with durable and resistant materials and a hygienic design. Everything you need for a perfectly hygienic and clean condition that can be achieved very fast.

We are very aware of how things have to be done in your industry, and our experts are very familiar with the relevant standards and directives you must adhere to.

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Reliably tight packaging

An example of food packaging is an application that can handle materials of different quality and thickness, while making sure the tension is right for every material. If not, the goods might be damaged or the packaging may not be fully sealed. The utmost care must be taken when feeding in the material – even tiny inaccuracies can lead to a loss of quality in production.

The solution is a dancer control system that integrates all the functions in a decentralised manner on the valve terminal MPA. This includes our terminal CPX, which you can use to easily incorporate pneumatic and electric control chains into any automation concept. Our easy-to-clean stainless steel round cylinder CRDSNU ensures spotless processes.

Automation for meat processing


Round cylinder CRDSNU

With NSF-H1 grease. Extremely reliable and durable thanks to the dry-running seal. Always correctly adjusted, too, thanks to the self-adjusting end-position cushioning system PPS.

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Valve terminal MPAC

Valve terminal MPA-C

Easy to clean and corrosion resistant. IP69K for direct use in challenging environments. FDA-compliant materials and NSF-H1 grease included.

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Plastic tubing PTFEN

The PFTEN tubing is particularly resistant to chemicals, cleaning agents, extreme temperatures and pressure. Ideal for the food processing industry, e.g. meat processing.

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The application: end-of-line packaging

Your objective: individual adaptation to container sizes and quantities

Our solution: axis systems for multi-dimensional handling requirements. For example, the high-speed H-gantry or tripod

    Commissioning of axis systems

Commissioning service for axis systems

Fast, reliable and optimised to fully exploit the performance of your system

More about the commissioning service for axis systems

    Control package CMCA for advanced handling systems

Control package CMCA for advanced handling systems

A ready-to-install, application-specific control system

  • Complete control functionality for demanding applications
  • Free 3D path control, optionally available with integrated PLC
  • Activation of up to four axes
  • In a control cabinet or as a mounting plate

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    T-gantry EXCT

T-gantry EXCT

Linear gantry (YZ) for pick & place applications

  • Compact and slim with rectangular working space
  • Ideal pick & place handling system
  • Flexible handling with free movement in the vertical plane wherever installation space is limited

More about T-gantry EXCT and advanced handling systems

    Sorting and palletising, dynamic and precise three-dimensional movements: tripod EXPT from Festo

Sorting and palletising, precise three-dimensional movements: tripod EXPT

Dynamic and fast thanks to small moving load, highly precise positioning. Working space diameters up to 1250mm, can be controlled by intelligent vision system. Complete system, also available in intermediate sizes and as a special solution. Everything from a single source, from engineering to commissioning.


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    Electric toothed belt axis with roller bearing guide ELGA-TB-RF

Electric toothed belt axis with roller bearing guide ELGA-TB-RF

Zero mm guide backlash

  • Maximum accuracy even at speeds of up to 10 m/s and torque loading
  • Cover strip to protect guide and toothed belt

More on the electric toothed belt axis ELGA-TB-RF

    Reliable quality inspection: intelligent vision system SBO...Q from Festo

Reliable inspection: intelligent vision system SBOx-Q

100% quality inspection. Precise measurement, orientation checking, positioning. Electronic evaluation unit and interfaces (Ethernet/CAN) for communication with master controllers (PLC) are already integrated. With permanently integrated lens or interchangeable lens, depending on the task.


Intelligent vision system SBox-Q in the catalogue

    Festo vacuum generator OVEM: integrated condition monitoring

Integrated process reliability: vacuum generator OVEM

Condition monitoring increases process reliability and prevents machine downtime

  • Monitoring of the set evacuation and ejection cycle time
  • Ideal in combination with the suction gripper ESG


 Short product information on OVEM

Vacuum generator OVEM in the catalogue

    Reliable gripping with vacuum in the food zone: Festo suction gripper VAS in silicone design

Reliable gripping with vacuum: suction gripper VAS in silicone design

Suction cups in various sizes and shapes - round, flat and as bellows - for transporting workpieces and packages of different weights, surfaces and shapes. Suction cups made of silicone for the food industry, with suitable suction cup holders, filters and other accessories.


Product overview of vacuum generators

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