Project and solution highlights

Kühlprozesse in der Flachbildschirm und Solarmodulfertigung

Monitoring the cooling medium flow in solar and flat-panel production

The manufacturing process for multi-layered solar modules and flat panels generates heat, so a cooling system needs to be integrated into the process. The challenge is to enable reliable monitoring of the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the cooling medium. In vacuum coating processes, for example, the vacuum pumps, generators and the process chamber itself all need to be cooled.

Your objective:

  • A reliable, efficient cooling system
  • Reliable monitoring of the cooling process
  • Less effort and cost for development, commissioning and operation

Our solution:

  • Festo for all the components necessary to control the cooling process from a single source
  • Extremely sturdy and reliable components and systems
  • Ready-to-install systems – fully assembled and tested

Further information:

Expertise from a single source – media valves in factory automation

All media distribution components in the catalogue

Sample solution: distribution of cooling water

Important for this application:

  • Reliable monitoring of flow rate, pressure and temperature of the cooling medium in the system
  • Offer for a system solution
Main components
1 Ball valve actuator unit VZBM
2 Valve terminal CPX-MPA
3 Angle seat valve VZXF
4 Flow sensor SFAW/SPAW
5 Pressure -regulator LR (for purging the lines)
6 Sensors SFAW/SPAW
9 Terminal CPX