Multi-Carrier-System MCS®


Do you want your production processes to become more flexible?

The use of the Multi-Carrier-System results in maximum machine flexibility.

Rigidly linking conventional conveyors is no longer necessary as the system provides freedom of motion with maximum dynamics.

With this configurable transport system the carriers driven by linear motors move flexibly to the individual units for example for filling, closing and labelling. The system moves freely, is precisely synchronised with the process and can be integrated into the existing intralogistics – including seamless inward and outward transfer of the carriers. The other conveyors remain unchanged.

  • Modular concept for fast changeover of the machine to different formats, other product types or seasonal requirements - up to lot size 1.
  • Integrated concept for controlling transport motions and motion control functions as well as coordinating additional machine modules


Multi-Carrier-System MCS
  • Freely configurable linear system
  • Easy to integrate into existing intralogistics
  • Supplements classic transport solutions by providing maximum flexibility
  • Product transport and positioning on carriers with the aid of linear motors
  • Integrated controller for transport motion and motion control functionality

The benefits to you: free configuration and flexible transport

Multi-Carrier-System MCS
  • Excellent flexibility: seamless inward and outward transfer of carriers
  • Easy integration: existing transport and logistics solutions can be used
  • Flexible operation: acceleration and speed can be set freely and individually, several carriers can be grouped and moved synchronously
  • 1 controller for everything: for the Multi-Carrier-System and other machine modules
  • Highly dynamic operation and high speed combined with high carrier working load

System setup

  • Simple, modular, mechanical basic system
  • Linear motor, basic profile and roller track
  • Passive carrier without motor and active electronics for low-wear and low-vibration transport motion
  • High-performance control system: complete integration of motion control tasks for the entire system.
Application video – MCS

Multi-Carrier-System MCS® – flexibility in the packaging industry


Operating principle of the Multi-Carrier-System