Quarter turn actuator DFPD

Configurable quarter turn actuator with a simple and compact design

  • Single- or double-acting
  • Optimised spring cartridge design for more efficient single-acting operation in steps of 0.5 bar
  • End position can be adjusted at both ends for more flexibility during commissioning
  • Suitable for high and low temperatures: -50 ... +150°C
  • Mounting plate for pilot valve in EU (G) and US versions (NPT)

Heavy duty version: DFPD-HD as scotch yoke actuator with a torque of up to 32,000 Nm

  • Highly modular for a wide variety of applications: double-acting, single-acting, with mechanical or hydraulic manual override
  • Sizes: 9,000, 18,000, 32,000
  • SIL3-certified
  • Long product service life
  • Interfaces to VDI/VDE 3845 NAMUR and ISO 5211

Product information on the quarter turn actuator DFPF-HD


Suitable for most tasks in the process industry - for automating butterfly valves, ball valves and air dampers in the chemical, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as in water treatment