Liquid handling

Automate your laboratory processes with our modular dosing system

We develop, test and supply a ready-to-fit complete solution comprising manifold duct plate, dosing valves and nozzles together with a suitable kinematic system, all in line with your requirements. For safe, precise and compact handling of liquids in the laboratory.

You can then:

  • Dispense fluids with a dispensing valve and extract them in a controlled way
  • Vary the control for pressure and vacuum.

Modular dispensing system

Dispense head VTOE

Dispense head VTOE

  • VTOE-1-1 for single-channel dispensing
  • VTOE-4-4 for possible combinations
  • Up to 8 dispense heads on a rail or retaining plate
  • Ideal for manufacturing thinners, adding nutrient solutions, dispensing reagents
  • Parallel dosing of different fluids and fill quantities
  • Available with manifold duct plate in high-quality PEEK or transparent PC
Dispense head VTOE-8-8-C

Dispense head VTOE-8-8-C with cover

  • 8-channel
  • Optimally adapted to microplates
  • Very high throughput
  • Individual control of the valves permits the channels to be coordinated for maximum precision.

Solenoid isolation valves VODA

Solenoid valve with flanged connection VODA

With flanged connection

  • Nominal sizes: 0.4 ... 1.0 mm
  • 2/2 or 3/2-way valve
  • Ideal for dispensing small fluid volumes
Solenoid valve with threaded connection VODA-LD

With threaded connection

  • Nominal width: 2.0 ... 6.0 mm
  • Optimum for switching cleaning fluids and rinsing processes, for example

Pressure regulators and flow control valves: pumping liquids using air pressure

Pressure regulator VEAA

Pressure regulator VEAA/VEAB

  • 3/3-way valve including pressure sensor and control electronics
  • Pressure regulation for the supply pressure range from vacuum up to 6 bar
  • Short response times of less than 10 ms
  • Highly accurate pressure regulation
  • Very low power consumption
  • Without switching noises
Proportional pressure regulator terminal VEMA

Proportional pressure regulator terminal VEMA

  • 8-channel pressure regulator with 8 independent valves VEMC
  • Energy-efficient operation in the smallest of spaces thanks to piezo technology
  • CAN bus control


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